Regions losing long time loyal players DAILY now


@kalishane you or the community managers are only people left to save the game. There are people across all regions quitting DAILY due to lack of rewards in events…

Since we know they won’t change the 6* buff they created that render 5* almost completely useless at least give out 5* toons for top 7-10, then tokens… maybe 5*s that will be ascendance material in near future.

Something has to give…why would you guys want the game to die.

Heck give out refills for prizes.
A bundle of shirts and gloves.
Something that helps players progress forward…not stand still.

For the first time since game was released I didn’t compete in back to back solo tourneys.
Lvl up I had 4k-normally try to hit all milestones.
SR I just finished bronze stage, and im cool with that.

We all grind constantly playing this game and when prizes are so underwhelming it makes you wonder why try anymore?


This +100000000


I’m still confused as to how giving “worthless” 5*s or “tokens” is going to solve the problem.

The basis of this threads complaints is that 5* have been rendered useless.

I’m just trying to help due to if you want them to hear the complaint…the best that they will get out of this complaint is confusion.

6* wheel with 6* tokens is the ultimate solution.


If someone was gonna force feed 5*s down your throat would you want

A) a 5* thats gonna be ascendance material soon.
B) a 5* that can somewhat still be used raiding/defense no matter when it might get ascended
C) a 5* thats not getting ascended soon and you cant use at all with the new meta of the game.

Guess thats how I should have put the 5* thing.

Give out Revive Glenn; Revive Dwight; Monica; Erin; Jose; Priya; Blue Michonne; Blue Garrett; Sweater Rick; Christmas Negan; Green/Yellow Sawyer; Hunter; HP Jesus; Blue Clem; HP Maggie; theres plenty more point is stuff that can still be used somewhat those are all 1-2-3 prizes give the Blue Rom and Red Clem for 4-10 prizes where they belong.


I wasn’t trying to diss the thread brother…

But what 5* do you still need off that wheel?

Nothing I need or want from any wheel or token.

People are tired of getting 5* rewards only to be used as fodder.


No I understand what youre saying. I know and you know they arent gonna give out 6*s so im just racking my brain for a solution.


If we have to repeat it till we are blue in the face.

The ultimate solution for the time being is a 6* wheel and 6* tokens.

The premier recruits that come out…they don’t keep them on the current wheel…

Instead you get 1 useless 5* after 40 pulls.

They could put every premier recruit and current 6* on that wheel and it would be double the size of the current 5* wheel.


Hopefully things change soon. I’m on my way out. I have been playing since December 2015. I love this game.

The prize structure has been a lot of tokens. I don’t mind getting the 5* tokens. But please stop with prestige tokens. All I ever get from prestige is 4*s.


Scopely need to respect the player base and reward them for their time. One example of their bs is having survival road during the work week, moreover bringing out a 0 cost map at the same time to farm plastic pieces. Why not offer these events over the weekend when people have more time. More importantly the thing lacking and the thing that made the game fun was competitiveness. CRW was meh and the chances (No guarantees) for good prizes never materialized (Guess some of us are just unlucky). The worst thing about the state of the game today is that it is a chore. Chores suck and when I do them I would like to be rewarded well or why do them. If you want to make money you really need to think about your player base and award them for their time, but also give them options for being better like the wheel of death. The move you made in resetting the game to make everyone equal (6 stars) and then offering zero value for the time they spend on playing this game has me one foot out the door.


This 100%. Unfortunately this is Scopelys plan if you look how they’re treating the situation. Pushing old customers out who won’t fall for their blatantly deceiving sales pitches anymore, who have grown wise of Scopelys lies and bring in young naive money. However I believe that tactic will backfire as they won’t find enough non short attention span players that you need bc all this game is grinding to replace the loyal long term people they have now. At some point, they’ll beg people to stay by then though it’ll be too late.


I hear you Gov!

I’m on a mission. It’s a big mission, maybe my biggest one.

We have a ways to go but we’ll be working hard on this. I completely understand.


Honest question here, how many months of “This will take time, we have a ways to go, we’re getting there” will pass before we start to see literally any amount of changes? Albert Wei’s “player first promise” was made in July, and for every month that has passed since then, the quality of life for players has continued to dip drastically. People are beyond sick and tired of being told “later, it’ll happen later” and we want real timelines here. We want an outline of changes, a timeline for them, and some transparency and a voice in this process. None of which is happening right now.


This!! Sick of hearing we’re getting better, we’re getting there, it’s becoming as tone deaf to us as taking it to the team crap, in fact it’s become the same damn thing.


Definitely flirting with retirement. This game has gotten really bad, and I don’t feel like hanging on for scraps in events. This weekend our faction, top 3 in the region, is basically taking a break. Not worth time or effort. I don’t know if I will be coming back, but even if I do it won’t be for very long.

And I have a nice roster, lots of 6* maxed t3, and special weapons. But there is no fun remaining. The prizes are just horrific. My dopamine does not come out to play with this game anymore.


Same here in our region our no1 faction are way down, don’t think there bothering either and also solo level up at this point highest score is 600k usually we have over 10 people with a million so you can see people are fed up with these poor rewards, I also noticed after scouting for a player today as we lost one that there are 3 times more players with retired on there accounts now,3 months ago when scouting there were not many now it’s everywhere so players are leaving at a pace I don’t think you realise how bad it’s getting.


Heres a thought. MAYBE scopely are trying to make people quit. So basically new people to the game dont have a chance if competining with 6*s so no new players will play this game. And the existing playerbase will get lower and lower because they are fed up of the bulls**t. And THEN that is scopely closes the game, having a lot less people taking them to court for the money they spent on the game. Thats just a maybe though


I don’t really understand this criticism that crops up so often, the prizes have improved enormously. There was a time when it would take me months to get enough 5* tokens for a pull and now they are now every week or so. Plus milestone rewards that mean I get rewarded for effort in events as well as overall position. Weapons parts being given were a great addition and Benedicts keep em coming.
Now I know its not perfect, Clem is a poor prize for 2nd but it has definitely got better. Am I wrong?


Yes you are wrong. These are the first toon prizes for a while. How is blue rom and red clem justified??? Prestige tokens should be for loyal players who login daily,not event rewards. And as for milestones, tell me how you plan on getting 2mil level up points from red clem? Only part i agree with is the milestones the past few events where good.


So the top prize toons have not been that useful other than for ascendance but then whats the alternative? Give out 6*?
As someone who is an active player but rarely finishes in the top 3 those prizes don’t afgect me anyway and in fairness only affect 3 people in each region.
Personally I believe Scopely are trying to make the game enjoyable for everybody, not just those in the top 3 factions, which in fairness makes a lot of sense to the longevity of the game.
Lets imagine the consequences of their actions. If people who spend 18hrs a day on the game quite rightly feel their efforts aren’t rewarded for that amoubt of time pehaps they should look elsewhere. A game in that anyone can be competitve without sacrificing their entire life to the game is much nore likely to survive the long haul. Just my opinion :slight_smile:


Money needs to be put into the game. The people who get these rewards many times are spending. If you give no one a reason to spend (aside from restricted gear and trainers in god awful pop ups) then there will be no one watching tapjoy or buying coins to buy cans and food. They long haul will definately be cut short if there is no money entering the game.