Regions - is there a point?:

My faction is one of top 3 in the region rank for current war. half of battles was against the other two high ranked teams. it is effing boring - are you guys at Scopely actively looking for a ways to make it less fun for players?


That would require effort. They just don’t care.


at the same time within my region there are factions right now that battled once. I totally get that they dont care because they get slaughtered each time. if there wer the more factions more people would score decend points that would keep them happy and play more, I frankly think they Scopely is just plain DUMB

Ohh I cannot wait what for their next idea.

Yes. Yes they are. Thanks for asking.

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I played many games but never came as dumb idea as regions

lets just have a world war!!! every region all playing each other!! Getrid of 1A, b, 2, etc etc… and just through everyone in together. then at least youmight get good match ups,


It’s the players’ fault. They sit in factions that aren’t active enough. Time and again they recruit in global chat not realising there are too many like them who won’t leave one faction for another. Some leaders are very bad for not kicking the inactive players, which really doesn’t help.

Scopely should be re-programming the game so that inactive players get kicked from their factions automatically, like a lot of other games do. That’s the only way to get players to move. The game is also pretty bad for recommending inactive factions to newer players. I’ve had that a few times on my minis. It’s shocking.


that seems reasonable solution

Yeah…this wave stuff is garbage…I’m stuck in 1a and it’s just whale after whale after whale…war used to be fun…gets old losing to the same $2000 teams.:roll_eyes:

If everyone was in the same region 1 would still be unbeatable as like minded people band together and u don’t need money to do great just need time and common sense

Double Priyas, both with double attack and rampage can wipe entire team turn one, don’t think common sense really comes into play when getting beat by multiple teams with that setup.:man_shrugging:t3:

Use absolute on a shield then clear with Diego and aoe

There r solutions if u look or use reflect lol

They’ve pretty much been ignoring my abs def shield…for some reason, every time I face top faction teams, suddenly my mods and weapons seem to not work as well…puts on tin foil hat:joy:


Use reflect it’ll wipe em out also there’s a weapon upgrade that reflects 250% when dazed confused slow

Any priya team will die fast

Just got a second Ajax, so I’ve been setting him up different. I have reflect on all my shields, just doesn’t seem to do any good…I’ve always had decent teams, been able to figure things out, I just don’t have the patience I did before the game started down the road it’s been on lately.

Weapons and mods reflect will kill when they have high attack esp priya

If they work that is…people can say what they want, but I’ve been playing a long time and I honestly see a huge difference in how often my mods and weapons fail to work when facing the top factions in the game. It is what it is, but I have a hard time believe that it’s sheer coincidence. Lol

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Idk man works against me pretty often lol