Regions: butler banks henry and lanier


How Many active factions do y’all have?


poor Butler, they always get screwed in CRW matchups lol


Henry have a decent top 20 and active factions down to around 30-35 however the activity of each member varies. We do often have around 50 in events but some are real low scores. However I don’t pay great attention to factions below 20 too much so if I’m wrong apologies


That’s true lol we always get older regions


We have like 15 active factions


Good luck in war Thalia_v will keep a look out in war for you :+1:


Thank you, good luck to you too! :slight_smile:


We had Henry and Lanier last CRW. They coin lots but they also have good teams and weapons. Butler is definitely the underdogs here


damn son. well just hope you dont go against EL DIABLO


I’m a girl lol xD and who is El Diablo?!


He is the Devil of Lanier. watch out for him… what faction you in?


He will hunt you down… He will not hurt you as your a senorita. Hes nice to senoritas.


Here at banks we have one super active faction ( we are currently in first this crw). Our other factions are kinda dead


lol i saw. you guys got a nice team of players. you beat sparta. they love to chat so much NICE COMMENTS about you guys lol


lol I’ve played with you, first war of weekend. I’m in Dead Already, won you once xP


lol have you? let me check. whats your in game name?


i swear we beat you?


It’s Thalia lol


Nah you lost haha


haha well gg where did you guys come? we came 18th! el diablo with 350k points!