Regions being shutdown?

So is certain regions being shutdown or is this clown trying to get people to believe it to get them to transfer out of region. I’m from Effingham region

I think this is the goal, with the waves, wave 3 will be drained, then wave 2 and wave 1 will eventually be the last wave that remains


Clap clap clap…

You do like a good conspiracy.

Last month, it was all I was being banned cos people were reporting my potty mouth (not I was being banned cos i’m Potty-mouthed).

This month: scopely don’t want me to play in my region (not, hmmm would I get more enjoyment playing in an un-dead region).

Some want to stay in their region, it isnt about playing in an undead region, they dont care about that fake competition, they want to play in their home region with their friends


This dude left his friends cos he thought the other players in his original region were all reporting him though.

I moved my faction to a better region. All my friends came with me, apart from one guy who was new, but he still set up an alt to carry on playing with us. So that argument is silly.

I think ppl should have a choice, but it looks like that waves are an initial thing and further tiering of regions into blocks I.e super whale regions tier 1, whale region tier 2, mini whales tier 3 and so forth will be implemented in the future.

The less active regions will be clumped together, hopefully for those who want to play under those circumstances will be given a choice by Scopely to play in those selected regions but they haven’t further commented. All we know is that transfers will reopen in Late Oct

I am not talking about you or him per say i am talking about why lots of people dont want to be forced to move, that is game over for them.

I think that would be awesome. Like should be better matched with like. Regions should always have been structured that way.

Yes they want easy rewards. That’s the only reason to stay in a dead region. Friendship doesn’t come in to it.

I returned to my dead region long ago, after a stint in a different region. It wasn’t about easier rewards, it was more about missing the familiarity of my home region. Lots of people I’d played with for 4yrs, I missed that. I missed the global folks.

Love my region, Whales factions come and go, I,ll never leave why would I🤗


Don’t forget that transfers aren’t free. You’ve got to have the coins for a key.

If you’ve any sense, you’ve also got to put in a bit of time and effort to find the right region for you.

It’s not just a simple case of “If your region is dead, just move” if you’re not willing to spend time and money on the game. For a lot of people, their region dying will be the catalyst they need to quit.

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You’re not playing if you don’t have any competition. The game is a p v p format.

I didn’t say “if your region is dead, just move”. I moved when my region was dying after I scouted and thought about where we were going. And i’ve Said elsewhere Scopely should be handing out free keys if they want to close servers down. But there seem to be a lot of excuses for why people are staying in regions where there is no competition.

False. Many play this game for friends, many are still playing only for friends, when i quit, i want to return to my home region and quit or at least settle down there and go casual, has nothing to do with rewards, home is home and anyway no one wants to be moved around. Doing so will kill the game faster, people will quit more if they are forced to move, making your region dead and making you get easy rewards :smirk:


Cause some dont play this game for your imaginary competition :man_shrugging:


Waves are the new buckets

Watch they’ll stop doing events in some. Only catering to the ones with open hearts and arms uhh I mean open wallets and unlimited cards.

I dont tell others how to play their game. Its a choice. I made a choice to play in my home region. The only competition I’m interested in is crw, I get that in my home region that I chose to return to.
I give no fucks about raid tourneys, even less fucks about sr. War is where its at, and it looks like I chose well to be in wave 2 instead of wave 1 crappy aow :rofl:

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It’s not a game if there’s no competition. It’s a social activity.