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It has been 1 month with no all out war/blitz, and there will no all out war for at least the next 14 days according to scopely calendar. So, 45 days with no AoW. Please vote on how you feel about this.

  • We need more region wars, once every 45+ days is unacceptable
  • We don’t need more region wars, it is fine how it is

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@JB.Scopely Will there be any more region wars in the future, or is it completely removed from the game? Please explain

Please bring back the biweekly AOW and biweekly mid week blitz wars. Everyone was so much happier then.


The game isn’t just about whales and huge spenders @JB.Scopely 3 crw in a row is unacceptable … give us aow instead or we are gonna get out the pitchforks


I hate crw with a passion same effort for crappier stuff, can’t the dead regions people transfer if they have a problem with it or is that whole debacle still going on?


Give us back regular wars and stop this crw bull crap.

You and me both!! Crap Region War is tied with Yawn…slaught for worst event. Well at least there’s rewards for CRW lol

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Sad thing is scopely doesn’t care what the majority wants, profits are higher during crw by a long shot and thats what it is all about for them

I’ll take crw every time I don’t need to see same team win every time and have to face them over and over. Throw some blitz in rotation that can be region war just make it slightly longer. 2+ days long level ups but blitz 20 hours to a day long makes no senses

I miss the days when u only warred ur region…

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I mean it’s still the same team every time whales with full shield revives or Carl teams

The region I’m in since war started only 4 every won it and 2 of them only won it once each the rest of time same 2 teams so I’m in no mood for region war to damn predictable

Now region war with a draft system I’m all for

Move to a different region

Agreed normal war needs to come back soon or people will be leaving this game I don’t have CRW but it doesn’t replace normal war it’s a different thing.

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