Région transfers

Hi scopely,

I had a really active player in my faction who really liked it (spoke like they were quite young), who we had to leave behind because he DIDN’T HAVE A KEY. I had two other faction members also saying they couldn’t switch for the same reason. We all used our free ones in our F2P faction.

Your policy is obviously to funnel players into wave 2, if not wave 1, regions. So why so stingy with the keys? And why so high a cost? Why didn’t you give everyone in wave 3 regions a key when you changed the policy?

And does this mean, when you’ve finally killed off wave 3 and start on wave 2, that we’ll all have to find the necessary coins to move again.

At best, your change in policy is poorly thought through. You’ve obviously opened up too many new regions, rather than trying to repopulate existing ones (let’s be honest, this is totally within your control as you get no choice of your first région on a new device), and now you’re forcing players to leave others behind.

Terrible attitude towards players where the whole game is designed around factions.

Before the October window happens, consider giving everyone a free key in a wave 3 region.

Thank you

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