Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


The update is looking to be made “forcible” later today. All platforms have approved and made it available


So 3 factions. That sounds like a lot of wait times between battles


I jokingly asked my faction this, but let’s say only 3 factions transfer but 4th place is an Alice or something, I would gladly move over to be the punching bag for the whales :stuck_out_tongue:


Ffs i hope they don’t nerf any prizes…a step down would mean not even first gets a pull. .speaking in war rewards that is


I would like to see a tournament style like they do for baseball…have these facs play for seeding fridays and saturday. Then come sunday something like triple elimination. Win move up lose and play loser…til its down to last 2 factions standing…would be interesting


Wait… now I get it. From a business aspect enhancing the f2p game is exactly where scope should be putting in efforts and the only thing that should be worried about. Cause if they don’t even out the playing field … huh then what?
It’s a business. You have options as a consumer. We all do with every business out there. Do I buy that fresh baked bread for twice as much or processed bread and save money? Do I even buy bread at all?
Patience is a wonderful thing in this world. Just wait to see how it rolls out. This could be a very good thing for the f2p base.


couple of hundred players in few top factions isn’t enough profit to keep scopely going. they’ll squeeze few extra bucks from 250k each wars but it’s the rest of the community who need to keep donating by buying virtual crates and stuff so good news is there won’t be any nerfing, we’ll just keep the stash nonsense as is. yay


They are already available


Still shows feature unavailable for me


On second thought thou. Whole time. Talk about this being flooded by russains and god knows who else.


We do appreciate getting a little inside info. And while I have no idea if id like to participate i think since region transfers also incorporate a 10 day cool down maybe sending an in game announcement with a full 2 week notice about the event so that all players can prepare or take the cooldown time off for this event. This is a suggestion im making ahead of time as i know not every player is on forums daily, some arent on at all. An in game message with ample warning for events that have time restraints tied to them should be priority. Especially after the whole faction assault event. There needs to be a clear message of these things sent in game. Either that or players be required to join the forum to be able to see messages.


Im in wait and see mode. Thats all we can really do. No point knee-jerkin and gettin pissed over unknowns.

Ps: im all for a whale habitat.


i hope leaving the region is worth it. Leaving the region you started in is like leaving your home for good Its risky but its usually worth it. I hope im not fighting for 500 woden nuggets again.


You don’t appear to have read my post. At no point do I suggest a F2P-centric policy. Infact, I even see the phrase 'All classes of players"


Nice, Thanks for info.


Wow, it’s amazing. For the first time Scopely attempt to communicate a sneak peak of an event, and they still manage to do it in a way which leaves the forum community angry.

Nice one


Yep so true leave us hanging,


Bane I’m not a whale but can win LU TR SR whenever I want this is just good management of resources, so I love the Whales in my region, what I’m really worried about is the loss of factions friends and general players from my region at a time when participation is dwindling and retirements are rife. Hopefully when more details are available everyone comes back for Wars or AOW is going to be a none event, and I love War


Let’s speculate:
Special region would be AOW and all others would be CRW.

So best of both worlds and the special region would probably have absurd wait times


That would work defo :slight_smile: