Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


Im curious if scopley sent out in game messages to players about this, i didnt get one. Kinda feels like the assault event. You Gave exatly the amount of days cooldown notice. Wouldnt it be nice if you actually gave notice 10 days prior to the event in game ?
One of scopes biggest problems is communication. Would be nice once actual details are released 10 days prior. Not a vague theres an event sometime in mid February but cant tell you about it and please wait dont transfer because you may or may not wanna participate.
Especially since faction transfers are now available. Not every single player checks forums daily.


Hey, he gave out the info. Imagine if us poor free folks used our last coins to transfer, THEN found out and wanted to participate (on a wing & a prayer, I suppose, but still).

This is legit the best thing I’ve heard about in ages. If you have Willies, now they’re excited to be Free!

And, if the rewards are insanely good, which I’m guessing they’ll have to be, go try for 'em. Or stay home, and move up 30 or more spots instantly for no extra effort!




except all the latest events rewards get the spenders and there are no events for f2p people. now maybe another event for spenders? soon there will be only p2w players left. theres no fun in doing lvl ups for elite tokens @JB.Scopely.


Jesus christ you guys can’t have it both ways. Its a unique event we know nothing about. Everyone assumes the worst which i do as well given the track history. But so many f2p have constantly joked about sending whales to another region to leave them alone. Now that might be a possibility, winning the prizes that you have been unable too for years all of sudden aren’t even worth being happy about getting. Although apparently they were worth complaining about missing since the beginning of time.


THIS! All of this!
“WWAHHHHH We can’t win the rewards cause of whales”
Creates new event to basically put a lot of whales into a separate region
“WWAAAHHHH We cant to go to new region and partake”

I simply propose the question again, putting aside the potential cost of moving into the special region, Assuming multiple whale factions will be moving there, is it something your “non-whale” faction WANTS to be a part of? Even if moving there is free (which it wont be) It always comes down to a choice

The event is open to everyone that wants to attend


They like the idea of whales being in one region battling it out, but when they think about the possibility about those whale factions getting better rewards for this event, they start shitting bricks. They feel entitled to equal rewards even though their factions are mediocre competitors compared to whale competition.


Yaass! I agree


Lol sounds like the real world too. I wonder if some people get hired and day 1 get mad they didn’t get promoted to CEO right away. This supposed whale region is as if all your bosses suddenly moved outta the way for you to simply take their spot without even earning it.

But now your mad they might’ve gotten an even better job somewhere else.


When, I can tranfer the faction???


This special region had been what almost 99% of the f2p in this forum had been crying for. Putting all the whales in a P2P region and let them cut one another throat, well scopely just grant f2p players their wish. So be happy and rejoice if you’re F2P.


With this incoming new special region, every regions’ top factions will most likely transfer over and compete to be the ultimate grand champion of all champions.

Which brings to better prizes for these group of coin / wallet spammers in which they deserve. The awesome rewards will be the pulling factor for these big whale faction to come over too.

If the rewards aren’t attractive, those whale factions will continue to remain in your respective region to dominate #1 - #3.

So people, before you start replying, digest the logic behind Scopely’s new special region.
Honestly, the mid tier factions have chances to be in top3 if their top3 transfer over to special region.

Remember, this is not an event, its an answer from Scopely for F2P players or Semi F2P players that are against the whales. Y’all should encourage this initiative.


The new region and event may not be geared towards so called whales. It could end up rewarding mediocre rewards and only attract f2p factions to that particular region.


Who cares this game has one foot on the banana peel and the other in the grave lol . I’m enjoying this last bit of wasted time before I call it quits and depot the toons :blush:


I really hope the keys are free. I wanna see how many factions enter this new region if they are.


I question how many actucal whale factions would go for this event. Cant see alot of them doing this.


Another Dumb idea brought to you by the maker’s of What’s Next.


Devil’s advocate here, I have a STRONG feeling that Scopely will nerf the fck out of rewards for those that don’t move, basically make 1st place in non whale war absolute trash. If they would keep prizes the same and make whale tournament prizes better that would be a grand slam, but this is Scopely so instead watch whales fight for marginally better prizes and others fight for a 50/50 silver mod box and a Benny. Instead of grand slam maybe a ground rule double or worse a tip foul.


Disagree. Notorious, Ap and Sb have shown scopely how to get the most money out of war. It’s to have these super factions battle it out. This is their way of incentivizing it. Wouldn’t make sense to nerf regular war prizes.


Are region transfers going to be available before the faction events start? Y’all keep saying shortly but we are on day 2 of shortly