Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


Agreed on specifics, although by the time we get them it’ll be too late lol. To address a couple of your points:

  • I don’t think the roadmaps are the issue as much as raid cans are. I have 7k tires atm, I remain hopeful but raiding outside free energy won’t get me past 10k at my current can amount. Then I’m at the mercy of keys/batteries. I’ve read the maths doesn’t add up but denial stopped me reading further.
  • I see your point on coins, but not everyone has access to reliable income of coins, whatever the amount. Some have no income to save up for, relevant example, transfer keys now. They should at least reinstate scaled down amounts.

I get the need to make profit, but chasing away your F2Ps also chases away the mild spenders. They don’t spend to catch upto whales, they spend to overtake F2P. Should be something for all classes of players. All us F2P got was a shiny new chat moderator and I already got banned from it :expressionless:


What happens if nobody decides to move there?


Hmmmmm. Did you miss some milestones and not complete the road rage map every day? If you did, you should be closer to 10k.


There are ways to get coins for free, and again I say, if you are wanting to fight against whales then spending 1,000 coins shouldn’t be an issue


Only missed the very first RR roadmap. Missed 2 of the top Level Up milestones. All the raid/SR/war I got


How do you propose that?Tapjoy?


Yes Tapjoy! Oh wait, Tapjoy doesn’t work for all players.

Or leagues! Oh wait, not all players get coins from leagues anymore…never mind.



Watch videos? 150 a day is over 1000 a week.


Thought the cap was 50 a day?


I’m only able to get 50 per day by using 2 devices. I can get 30 on one and then 20 on the other lol. Many players can’t even watch videos though without getting an error. Many players have “video unavailable” error when trying to watch tapjoy vids.


lmao little revenge there Love it.


way to put lipstick on a pig. lol, lower factions will get the junk that everyone from whales to f2p already bjtches about. lol, way to spin it!!!


Yea. I meant 50 a day gives you 150 coins. Sorry.


What does that mean?


14 a day here. i love the scumply equality.


It’s tapjoy


i can get 2 videos a day :smiley:


Except with all the whales gone the lower factions will be able to compete more freely and get higher rewards


I am glad I retired.


10 k of tires, but i dont think that i can do 20k