Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


ah, that made me think of the former #whalehabitat thing :smiley:


Only because they are always so vague about everything they do and say


F2p finally get their wish about a whale region and they still complain. I thought you guys didn’t care about rewards and just don’t want to be a punching bag? Which one is it?


You are my second favorite person here, @pregolori holds my heart, right love?


I’m just upset this is obviously not for everyone, seems as above this is just for whales and whale factions, I love my faction and my region so why do we have to transfer out to participate in this event, I’ll obviously hold judgment until we know more, but the whales are excited and I don’t think this will suit our level 70 players


The complaints are not due to this one specific event. The complaints are due to this being another new feature/change which excludes the F2P base.

It’s another Survivor’s Club
It’s another -League coins from outside Diamond
It’s another War Stash/absent level up prize (medals)
It’s another missed opportunity for much decap/disarm (Sandy/Bruce. I’ll remain hopeful but not looking close to 20k)

There’s a variety of fixes, nevermind new additions, that can be made to help improve and enhance F2P gameplay, instead they’ve been sidelined for another exclusive feature for the much coveted top factions.


Does your faction want to fight whales?


Why all the tears, if you want to go compete in the event go to the region , if you dont then thats your personal choice. Stay or go. Its a new feature, i know many here are allergic to the game actually evolving though :joy:


No of course not, so is this event just for them and not everyone?


It is for anyone who wants to move and compete, presumably against the best the RTS has to offer


So as I said this is for the Whales not everyone


Nope, it is for EVERYONE who wants to go


This is not fact. Making an assumption with no details given, yes.


I love the thought that’s there’s something new coming up, but as per posts here the best rts has to offer, so that pretty much counts out 95% of the player base


You have some valid points.

But first, there aren’t even any specifics about it yet. It might just be a war with better prizes.

Sandy/Bruce is completely accessible as an f2p player. I will reach it without spending. Now, if you want to argue the roadmap is too hard for some or they can’t reach the milestones in every tournament… that’s a different argument. But the even my is f2p accessible.

Taking away league coins is annoying, but there are ways to game the system and honestly… we played three years without coins. I thought it was too good to be true when it first came out and it was. That’s their main source of income. I know some mild spenders who stop spending all together with the arrival of coins.

I do agree with you that the current medal level up is a miserable set up. I had a lot of faction mates who had 7000. Some of them bought two offers for Jeremiah and others just wasted them. It sucks but I guess in scoepleys eyes, selling just a few medals is worth it.

At the end of the day, this is a company who wants to make money. Everyone rips them for it but I remember having to buy special maps when I used to play COD. Most games I have played, there was locked content that you needed to buy if you wanted it to be accessible.


So you’re gonna get Sandy or Bruce without buying any offers or using any coins whatsoever?


Again I cant argue with that Ricky :))))


I was able to spend 300 coins to complete the Sunday road rage map. That is the only map players didn’t have keys and batteries too… so if you want to count that sure. But even if you take away the 1,000 tires from there, I will make it.


It is for everyone who wants to go if we all get a free key there and another free key back.

If we don’t get free keys, it is not for everyone and can’t be for F2P.


Nice, that is quite an accomplishment with the amount of effort needed to obtain those characters. I will be happy with Sophia lol.