Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


To participate only.


They will get a shiny new toon & us who dont leave will get mods for doing the same event…


This announcement should never have happened until they could actually give us more details. I am all for Scopely being open with communication about future features and plans but this announcement was ill thought out. Drop a bunch of vague statements and let the player base make wild assumptions and stew in their angst against Scopely.

No body knows the details and how this will play out. Let’s calm down and not panic and scream bloody murder until we get all the details. And at the end of the day if the event is not for you then don’t transfer and don’t participate in it. But belly aching about something we know nothing about is exactly why they don’t care about our opinions.


I asked you, even if it were free to move, your whole faction can move and even say your whole region will transfer into that special region as well, knowing there will be many whale/top tier factions there competing, is that something you WANT to be a part of?


So they arent nazi’s just yet. The rewards though will be what finally pisses everyone off.


Oh,No why would I go to a region infested with whales?


They had to drop this knowledge now though. With what ever details they had. Imagine a faction moves tomorrow or Friday and then is on cool down and will miss the event

Better to announce what they have and let the angst flow then to deal with the aftermath of not having announced anything and potentially trapped numerous groups


EXACLY! So I don’t understand why your upset about any of this as it is not something you even want to partake in. So enjoy your region


True enough. Just a shame they can’t give a few more details to prevent all these doom and gloomers from having a fit.

Though now rereading the original post, sounds like they plan to give more details soon™


I’m upset because they add bullshit like this instead of fixing the shit that’s been broke for over a ■■■■■■■ Year!!!


It depends. If you’re a 2nd ranked faction, you’re now getting 1st prize. If you’re 3rd ranked, you’re now getting 2nd prize. If you’re a 10th ranked, then not much can be done for you.

As an example, if we apply this to AOW, if you were 2nd place, you would have had to do 200k for the extra tokens to be able to pull. Now that you are placing 1st, everyone in your faction gets a pull no matter what you scored. Also, if you were 4th place, you had to buy tokens even if you scored 200k. Now, you only just need to score 200k, no buying needed.


Got to agree with you mate, everyone is getting their panties in a twist before knowing all of the facts


Many people who updated are locked out now it seems. This is going smoothly so far. Lookin forward to the smooth transfers :rofl:


Took me 3 hours to get in last night for those locked out just force close every few minutes and it’ll let you in eventually


I wasn’t locked out at first but was about 5-6 hours after I updated


It is called the :whale2: region… You just have to connect your bank account directly for ease of transfers of funds out of it…


Already linked mine bro! I also sell my sperm and blood plasma to make sure I have extra RTS money :slight_smile:


Wait you can do that for money? I never get those kind of tapjoy offers


I won’t be able to participate in the event whether I want to or not because I transferred today and will still be on cooldown on the 15th :roll_eyes:

So much for a heads up.


You can transfer on the 16th if ur factionless