Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


once again a new event but in the end you realise its not for you


Yeah,no whales win dude


Good to know we will have seamless territories, fewer game crashes, less connection issue popups, no longer have to purchase 100k food individually and many other bug fixes! Oh wait, these aren’t important and are rarely addressed by Scopely staff. What am I thinking?


Those are, and we’re (finally) inserting those items into our roadmap to address all of those you’ve quoted.


I mean it should have been fixed like a year ago


JB if we have to transfer do we get the ability to be able to transfer the faction for free or do we have to pay


Im going out on a limp and saying that the battleground is a new region where you can join to battle big factions in wars for much better rewards,and they should allow you to go back to your original region free of charge.
I wanna say like pubg but with factions instead of 100 players,like imagine 100 active factions


This is the point that people seem to be missing, whales leave your region, f2p factions remain, your region is whale free for however long the season is, take part in events and get better placing.


Most people missing this. Just wanting to complain


Because nobody wants to leave their faction and their region?


Ok so all whales go battle it out for a toon in this special region, while those who chose not move get a crit chance gold mod box for basically doing the same tourney?


Those that remain get a chance at higher prizes all around as ALL the whales are not around, that includes solos and faction events


Then don’t leave your region? This is not a requirement to take part in. And why would you want to take part even if moving in and out were free?


No offence, but I don’t believe this at all.


I’m not missing the lack of development time for new features for all players


What? I don’t understand, will need you to elabborate


So just to ensure im grasping this concept @JB.Scopely.
To join the event we will need to do a ‘temporary transfer’ to a ‘special region’ to join in the event.?
Will it then be a free ‘special transfer key’ provided?
Or will we need two transfer keys to move in to the ‘special region’ and back out again? So just another way for the game to earn money?
My faction is eagerly awaiting reply. As of the moment we have not wanted to transfer from our region.


Because I would leave my faction,Why would they make you move anyway?


Why are you going to leave your faction if you love your region? I am not following you


Because you have to move regions,I’m not gonna move regions,I’m not trying to abandon them