Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


@JB.Scopely why would yall release a new event other than to capitalize in money rather than fix the k own issues? This seems like a step backwards. Given your just the guy giving us the info but seriously why not fix stuff that is broke?


@JB.Scopely this will be awesome!!! Everyone with too much coins will follow, and we know which playerbase has too much coins. Lets put them all together on a single region, and never let them out again. F2P regions for the rest of us. Lets pray our lord, halleluja.


What about newer regions that are not old enough for transfers, like Newberry? Are these regions just SOL on participating or are these regions also being opened to transfers ?


Not gonna transfer to a “battleground region” this is to get all the whales to one region to spend crap loads of money so they can boost their ego, fine by me, enjoy lol anyways im just enjoying the sunset


Sounds great. A way to get the ultra competitive factions to transfer to a specific region and fight each other. This might actually be good for the ‘little guy’.


How are they going to attract the factions that have no business being there lol, those monster factions will need cans to crush


How bout no? Or better still ya’ll give us a key.



This is how the game dies haha


Hard pass. Pretty disappointing if the only way to qualify for rewards will be to deal with a transfer feature (even if just temporary) that a lot of us don’t want to touch in the first place.


Gotta presume that it will be free to transfer in to this “Seasonal” region.

Otherwise, if it costs 1,000 coins, it is literally a P2P event…


Lol. More ways to split your playerbase. Keep your seasonal region, not interested.


I don’t think it’ll split the player base anymore then it already is, haves vs have nots lol don’t get more split then that


What’s that?all I read was #########


Give out two transfer keys and I’ll be there and back no problem :wink:


You forgot to mention that Scopely will be gifting a a key to all players since coin rewards were scrapped in leagues and nobody trusts Tapjoy.


Half of people can’t* use Tapjoy


So,where’s the stuff people want fixed?


It’s a cool idea but if it’s a seasonal tournament, what’s the benefit of staying in there? Special free keys should be awarded to transfer in and out of this region if this is the case. I would love to get my ass kicked against all the best factions if my faction mates could move in and out freely. But spending 1,000 coins to go back and forth seems silly.


Maybe the reward is a legit good premier char?
Maybe the rewards include chars that you won’t get any other way?
Maybe the rewards will be a perma boost to your account?
Maybe the rewards will be a #### load of gear?

All that could be worth 2k coins. ####, I spent 2k coins just to have the privilege to move to a region to pull for Magna…


All the more so that only whales would be getting it anyways, so why would us little guys go there wasting coins to get smelling salts as an reward? No thanks. Hope this tanks faster than yawnslaught.