Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


not sure why people are complaining. is it another way for scopely to make money, yep…

but it also will be a Battleground for those top factions to go fight each other. I have no issues with people choosing to spend their own coins to go to a different region. Will allow for those next tier group of factions to win events without having to worry about the super strong ones…
but this is only assuming that all of those top heavy-hitting factions all join this new region for side events.


I’m sorry for being prepared for disappointment. The last thing Scopely would wanna do is mess things up, right? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I think this is it and it’s not like they’ll be trapped in the shadow realms of glory


First removed coins from bronze to platinum divisions ( i know if got promoted then you get coins but if stay at same division and same ladder won’t get coins ) now making region transfer event ( forcing players to buy coins ? )


What a positive way to put a spin on it! I like it


Are keys going to be given out or do we have to spend the coin on a key?


I am the eternal optimist lol I am all rainbows and unicorns


only way to view this is negative, this company has shown 1000% why you should. now if this is a free key to and then from, well you got something with that optimistic pov


Mass transfers all at once what could go wrong


Why would you have to transfer out of your region to do an event, this makes no sense unless it’s a trap


Also I really like my region and the people in my region, for 3 years most of us have stuck together, wtf


If I had to guess based on similar implementations in other games, it won’t be a regular transfer key used but an event-specific one that’ll transfer you only to the event region and transfer you back when it’s over, hopefully for a substantially lower cost than a regular key.

I actually like the sound of this because it will pit players with the same agenda against one another, almost like a leagues-based AoW (which is the way it should be done).

That said, I liked the sound of Onslaught too, lol. So implementation will be key (pun intended), hopefully not a clusterfuck, oops I mean ###########, sorry!


I hope there is a good explanation to scopely’s Method of madness cus everything so far has gone down the deep rabbit hole. Throwing things out there when so many things need to be fixed with the update already​:-1::-1: update!


i saw what you did there…even without the (pun intended) lol


So you have to transfer to a certain region? So say a fraction transfers to my region they will be allowed to play but not the people from that region? I guess my gyration is any region you transfer to you can play in the new event?


A Special region


Thanks need to read more I guess!! :joy:


Still would be silly if you need to use a normal transfer key, or buy one, for a temp event. But at least something new is coming, so let´s wait and see:)


I’m thinking that to avoid people transferring and being locked in somewhere when this event rolls out this is just a heads up notice. If interested in what the seasonal region holds don’t transfer … @JB.Scopely I appreciate the attempt to cut down on the “if scope would have given a heads up…” moaning.


Do something with all those hackers/Cheaters first… They ruin game rn