Region Transfers & Upcoming Event




We all are a flutter with anticipation!


Sounds dumb and has been done many times on many different games . It never works and usually signals the end . #theendisnear


Haven’t heard that one before…:ok_hand:

Feels good saying it though eh


Scopely be like “Bitch please. It’s in the name. It’s called WALKING DEAD”


I do bring on them whales I have a team of beenies to make it fun for all!!


Finally a region for 5* toons only!!


So much baseless speculation when we don’t even know the first thing about it - I know it coincides with faction transfers being introduced, but nowhere in the post does it say this’ll be a faction event. Could very well be a new single player gauntlet-style event. Well, I can dream.

If it is a faction event, the notion that “all” whale factions will just leap at the chance to partake and leave the f2ps to reap the regular rewards is ludicrous. By and large, whales do not want competition; they want to dominate. Hence the hide and seek that’s been going on since transfers arrived.
Remember the time Notorious called out any faction who wanted to fight them and were met with nothing but the sound of crickets? Regular whales are quite happy smashing f2p plebs into the ground rather than having their mettle tested, because their 5k roster getting smashed by a 25k one would be too much for their egos to handle.


One other point is that probable start date 15th of Feb that’s CRW, can’t see it happening that day


Or they fill that special region and feed 8 other regions to it in a CRW. Now that I can see Scopley doing LoL


i must be missing something, lol. all the top tier faction’s players could already have moved themselves into a region to measure rts djck size. but lets give scopes praise…for nothing. lol. if this is indeed optional and whales do indeed attend how long do they stay when they go from 1st- god knows where? guessing as long as the cooldown forces them to


they will stay until the event is over as it’s a limited time region. amd obviously your not in a top faction so you dont know what most of them want, none of them really care about competing against eachother for level up or raids its all about war. and as soon as factions can transfer you will see them all move around alot to face each other in war


well observed. indeed i am not in a notorious level group, not cause i cant, just choose not to apply, i play for friends and am having a hard time wanting to keep doing that. last war i actually engaged in(not last war, but the war before) i had 200k 10 hrs in. so more than capable, but enjoy the rts measure contest, sir


Just remain casual, there is also no bonus or rewards for telling everyone on forums how capable you can be. You are just all words, they call these kind of people trolls if i remember clearly. People your kind just want cheap attention but hey, whatever makes you happy.


no not attention, its called defending yourself. he clearly came at me with an insult. i merely pointed out that he isnt better than me just cause he is in a top group, which i am only assuming based on his ‘look down at’ attitude in his post, but if you think its attn grabbing, cool. just like in my statement that he responded to, the fact remains that top groups arent in the same region cause not all of them want anything but 1st, that is reality, he nor anyone else can defend that, if top groups wanted competition so badly they already would have it as the coins needed to transfer to a whale is nothing.


É preucupante o tipo de evento que eles estão planejando, se for olhar os ultimos vai ser uma furada. Espero que eles não obriguem ninquem a migrar, por que já deixaram subtendido que isso será necessária e que temos que nos planejar.


I was thinking and secretly hoping it would be a 5* playground :slight_smile:


Will we be issued another free transfer key?


Most likely special transfer key… So you don’t get it and transfer to a different region instead of the region @JB.Scopely is talking about. I’m sure there is going to be great rewards that whales will compete over. Some new toon only available from rewards of that region



A quick update here as I know there is a bit of anticipation to get more details and concrete dates.

We’ve decided to push this in March instead, to iron out a few things, so by this time I hope to come back to you with the full event details and confirmed event dates - bearing in mind the optional transfer involved.