Region Transfers & Upcoming Event


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on a recurring topic, about region transfers and new regions to allow Inbound and/or Outbound transfers for players keen to move on and explore new lands :slight_smile:

As I recently shared with the community our plans going forward, we were very much pending on the game update 18.1.3 to land in players’ hands, allowing for seamless transfers.

The revamped Faction Transfer feature will be available shortly, upon the game update being available for all players. Currently, we’re still pending to have the latest game client available for the Amazon Store, Samsung Store and OneStore - that should be made available later today.

Shortly after making the latest version 18.1.3 a forced upgrade, meaning you have to have this latest client installed on your device to be able to connect to the game servers, we will proceed with another substantial batch of region unlocks :slight_smile:

As usual, we will provide additional details in the dedicated thread for it.

Sneak Peek

We anticipate many players are pending on transferring, as we observe in community chatter and through various support requests received, I also wanted to take the opportunity to give you some additional context on an upcoming event.

Around mid-February (for now slotted for February 15th, although this could still be slightly adjusted) a new type of event should be proposed to players.

To engage with this event, a transfer will be necessary to join the new battleground :sunglasses:

I hope this gives you enough of a notice to plan accordingly, and I’ll be sure to formally announce the upcoming event, along with the full details, within the next few days.

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You’re joking, right?


Hells to the Yeah!!


Why would they joke? :thinking: They need everyone’s coins!


Very confused about what this means


I have to transfer to participate in a new game mode? But why? I dont have thee option to stay in my region to participate?


So a faction should transfer to participate in an event ? How about those that want to stay in their region?


No you don’t, my assumption is the new battleground will offer higher reward payouts


Wow. Forcing people to transfer now? Thats insane. Not to mention feb 15th is also CRW.


Not forcing you to do anything. You can stay where you are at and not partake


Then you wouldn’t be participating in the event?


Ok, I do have a key to transfer, I just dont want to feel like I am forced to transfer to participate.


Thats besides the point. Restricting people from an event because they like their region shouldnt even be happening.


They are not restricting you, you are making a choice based on what you want and what you like


Stop playing the devil’s advocate please… having to transfer just to participate is beyond stupid.


Not playing anything, just not a fan of meeting everything with a negative spin. We know almost nothing about this secret event other than what is posted here. Maybe its a free transfer BUT it still requires you to actually transfer in, is that better? Maybe in the rewards there is a key to transfer back out?


I appreciate the sneak peek leaves for now many pending questions, and that is a source of frustration for some.

The main goal of this announcement was to tackle a few recurring queries we currently have:

  • The new update features will be enabled when all players get their hands on the latest update
  • A large amount of Regions will be opened shortly after that happens
  • A side event will be proposed, and hosted on a seasonal region (which by no means is mandatory to attend) - More details to follow!


Yah and the losers get their accounts stuck there and purged. Now that’s a way to induce competition :joy::joy::joy:


Maybe Scopely listened to all the people saying “all the whales should go to one region and duke it out” I don’t know. I am full of speculations and guesses but I have an open mind