Region transfers - Suspended players

What’s gonna happen with the people that have their account suspended during region transfer?! Are they gonna get an increased “punishment” and get stuck in the same region?!
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Maybe you should of watched your mouth…I get suspend all the time for shιt I say but I’m not complaining!

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Maybe you should stop trolling and assuming stuff.
It wasn’t be that got suspended, and I never got suspended from the game since the 1st day I started playing it. It’s a friend, who’s also a major spender and transferred out for ToC.

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Major spender?.Well thank god he got suspended to fight away hes addiction

Maybe they should have watched their mouth then. Why would any company cater to someone who is violating ToS. They made their bed lay in it

I’m not a spender, and I must say I never will be.
But whales are a “necessary evil”, in order for all of us to play this game.
And how or what someone decides to spend his money on, is their problem, and their problem alone. You commenting about is and naming it an “addiction” is rude. It’s pretty much the same situation as in your post about maxing Kenny and everyone else making fun of you. You roster, your resources, your choice! :wink:

Cater?! Who said anything about catering? Each and every one of us has at least once said something that violated ToS, in game. So commenting that, is just hypocritical. I created this topic hoping for some answers, but up until now, I only got arrogant responses and hypocrisy. And if you ask me, that’s the main reason we are in this predicament and Scopely keeps making fun of us… because we all use the Players United hashtag and avatars, but we’re not really united, are we?! We’re just “united for ourselves” and throw stoned at everybody else (almost) for our own well being.

When your choices are effecting someone else’s fun or progression is not just your choice.I maxed kenny but nobady will be effected by it…And sense whales are a neccessary evil? Peopol saying that whales are what are keeping this game alive is so bloody funny.

Why does how much they spend matter? If they wouldnt have gotten suspended during transfers it would be and issue. And Players United has nothing to do with being nice to each other its about not spending and forcing Scopely to improve their game. Why should anyone care someone who obviously is breaking ToS and talking crazy in GC got stuck in their region they got suspended in.


Though it may suck for them, anyone suspended when transfers ends are S.O.L. until transfers opens again. Actions and consequences.

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I see you decided not to address my affirmation about everyone violating ToS. Should I say again what’s that called?! :slight_smile:

Don’t tell me… it’s you that’s keeping the game alive, by maxing Kenny, right?!
I know Scopely has massive incomes from different aspects of the game, but income and profit are 2 different things! The things/toons/items whales spend on, are the biggest profit bringer for them, as they’re selling just virtual currency and property! So yeah, whales are a MAJOR contributor…

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I cant stand this shute anymore…Its not like they are spending slot to keep this game running…

How is staying in the region they are currently in a punishment?

Il you’re almost as bad as that person feting the school bully the other day.

This player base is full of humourless weirdos. I hate to think what it’s like going through life without a sense of humour.

This isn’t even quality trolling.
I explained that he transferred for ToC and now wants to come back.
As for the part about the bully, I didn’t get it. I have a sense of humor, but the part about region transfers and being available only for certain amounts of time, is just silly. You’re basically locking in the player base.

You are sticking up for a player who was suspended. That is being a bully yourself, you know, if you don’t stand up for the people they are abusing. It’s just the same as the forum member on here who likes school bullies.

And you have a persecution complex. Humourless weirdos. Rest my case.

I think you have an “overly exaggerating” complex. Everybody is complaining about the way transfers are set up this time, but I’m the one that has a persecution complex, huh?!
As for the bully part… that’s exaggerating, again! If you curse at someone that’s irritating or cursed you, you’re a bully?! Dude… get over yourself.
I’m off… I came asking for advice to help a friend, and I end up being called a bully. Nice job, guys!
P.S: The “nice job” part is on behalf of Scopely, as you’re making their job easier. :slight_smile:

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