Region Transfers Now Starting 8/27 Discussion Thread

Let us know what you think of the recent announcement here!


Thank you for moving the transfer date forward!

Nothing about transfers has changed. So there was no reason whatsoever to keep us stuck for so long.

Kind of had a vague hope you might have done something to improve this crappy wave system.


Basically means wave 1 gets 3 weeks everyone else 4 days. Only moved date up for wave 1. Why not move orhers up as well


I’m in a Region Excluded from Region Transfer. Does this mean im just SOL and unable to transfer out?


Whales wave benefited with early than expected opening and longer transfer window. I should be surprised?

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Because the spenders are more important and most of them are Wave 1. Gotta keep spenders happy so they’ll keep spending… Non-spenders not so much as they are minimal benefit to the company.


Lmao scopes, your not getting me to move to wave 1, there’s enough spenders here in wave 2👍

Do you really want to know what I think?
This is nonsense… How can you exclude some regions from transfer???
I was counting the days to go for a new region, and now I am stuck, because some brilliant mind decided that we are not all equal…


can’t wait for the annual “my faction kicked me out for ______” posts

Wave 1 has war the day after transfers open, so they cant move during that time

Why are so many always looking to move around all the time?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The grass is never greener on the the other side and now it won’t cost you $ just to find that out. Your welcome. :laughing:


Dead region, retired players, no where to recruit.

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You should try butts

That’s the secret sauce , chasing a promised land that doesn’t exist

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Do what they want to do without prejudice the players. Can do all at the same time, it is completly unnecessary to exclude regions from transfer.

pourquoi 2 jours d’écart pour les entrées sorties de la vague 3 par rapport aux autres vagues ? et si je comprends bien, personne ne peut venir d’une autre vague en vague 3… comme d’habitude… ce n’est pas vraiment c que l’on réclamait… merci Scope ! :frowning:

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c’est incompréhensible leur truc…la vague 2 est ouverte entrant/sortant du 14 au 19… mais fermée le 21… il se passe quoi entre le 19 et le 21 ???

Why there have to be regions excluded from this transfer???

Não é correto prender jogadores por um longo tempo em regiões que eles não deseja. Vocês estão matando o jogo pois a cada dia a mais preso em uma região sem a vontade do jogador ele desanima e é mais uma conta abandonada. E aí vai a minha pergunta aos desenvolvedores desse jogo… O que vocês ganha com isso?trancando jogadores em regiões sem se quer pesquisa a vontade deles…