Region Transfers - November Update

Don’t worry. It’s probably only a small number of player affected. :joy::joy:

@ForumAdmin please open Lewis, it is still closed.

Stop skipping greenville


Greenville is older than Dyer and cannon buts still locked what sense does that make

Why enable keys to be bought and not open a region? Please advise when this bug will be fixed.

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Scopely gonna scope

And allow the regions who were supposed to transfer to transfer if it’s not fixed on time

Sooo. Question. Is there anything they ever do that actually works right??

They haven’t yet screwed Greenville over twice then the coingate my thoughts no

Open Greenville. This region is dying and we can’t move even though we are meant to be able to

Robertson (EN) is in 3b. Why is it not open? I csn buy a key but can’t transfer out

Same same lancasterkitty. Someone told me on FB some will open tomorrow, have not been able to confirm.

Live in hope!

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Yupp. I have coins to buy key too :crossed_fingers: keeping my fingers croseed

Woohoo @GR.Scopely is online so hopefully these regions will be opened soon or communication as to when they will be

Morning everyone,

We are aware of the issue where Players are in locked regions but can not transfer despite being included in the Wave 3 Region Transfer list.

The team is currently looking at this issue and I will keep you updated on the status of the investigation.



Do you know If/when they will be corrected

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Thank you and good morning!

See not all the wave 3 regions got opened what a shock good going scopley


Send everyone a key and be done with ti

Maybe stop having important events set to start/end on the weekend when nobody is in the office to oversee that they actually work as inten- awww fuck this is a waste of time

Acknowledged and queried to da team everyone! Keep on surviving!