Region Transfers - November Update


We’ve heard from the community that some players would still like to transfer into a Wave 1A region to try and qualify for the next War of Champions. That being the case, the next Region Transfer window will begin 2:30PM PT next Monday 11/4 and conclude 5:00PM PT next Wednesday 11/6. All regions will have outbound transfers enabled during this time with the exception of Wave 1A regions and the regions listed below. All 1A regions will be made inbound enabled during this time.

  1. Barnwell (EN)
  2. Richland (PT)
  3. Saluda (ES)
  4. Cannon (EN)
  5. Dyer (EN)

We’ll also be opening up region transfers for those players and factions that would like to transfer among their Wave 2 and Wave 3 regions:

  1. All Wave 2 regions will be made Outbound and Inbound enabled from Friday 11/8 at 12PM PDT through Sunday 11/10 at 12PM PDT.

  2. All Wave 3 regions (except the five new regions listed above) will be made Outbound and Inbound enabled from Sunday 11/10 at 12PM PDT through Tuesday 11/12 at 12PM PDT.

No further region transfer will take place until 2020.


What about 1B @ForumAdmin?


this is so old news so I don’t know what.
You said these many many many times before

you need to stay where your at Dave lol

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What about Boone? It’s never been enabled for inbound transfer :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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@ForumAdmin @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely nothing for 1b? Why not !

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1B can moved to 1A from 11/4-11/6, all other wave 1 movement is restricted. Same announcement they made previously.

Yea i read that. We are 1b because we don’t want WoC. Wave 1b is legit the worst spot to be stuck in now


So you made things super complicated and are now making them simple again? Why not just keep them simple in the first place?


I know a lot of people have asked about moving within 1a regions.

The way this reads is that that is not possible. If you’re in a 1a region, you have to stay in that 1a region and can NOT move to a different 1a region.

Is this correct?

What about 1B???
Are we to be held hostage :joy:
We would like to go back to our original wave 3 region.


I want out of 1a and instead I’m held hostage against my will


Pretty sure that’s correct. 1a are inbound only. They are not outbound so therefore cannot leave.

That’s the way it seems and what most are speculating to be the case, but haven’t seen an official yes or no…guess we’ll see.:man_shrugging:t3:

From what I’m gathering is all regions are outbound but only to 1a…and 1a is in ound only

Yes, for the first transfer window.

Everyone except 1A can move to 1A.
1A cannot move anywhere.

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I just want to get out of 1a


You could always depot your roster and uninstall the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

how about letting those of us who dont want to be in wave 1 AT ALL get out since you trapped us here? @GR.Scopely @TayTron