Region transfers again

Dear Scopely,
Can you open again the region transfer for Wave 3 regions. Last time it was for 4 days and there were faction events that time. No chance to leave the faction to transfer.
Thank you.

Bump. Also Cannon is inviting individuals and factions to join us. Very friendly place and we are the 2nd youngest region to be open for transfers.

Transfer will be open to join 1a only

Hate to burst your bubble. Transfers on 11/4 are only for people to move to wave 1(a) for woc, thats it. The post that talks about woc that is pinned clearly states cannon & a couple others will be outbound enabled, meaning you can only leave the region, no one can join.

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Yup you are correct. Let’s blame it on the liquor.

Haha, yea a lot seem to think its a time to recruit, when its only to allow those who want to participate in woc move up.

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