Region Transfer Wave Update - [Oct 9]

Update 10/29: To avoid confusion please refer to the new post for current information by following think War of Champions Update [10/24]

There are a few changes we are planning to implement for the NEXT round of region transfers. These changes will impact future war team match-ups and sizes. Depending on the Wave your region is in, you’ll either have a 6v6 or 8v8 in future CRW. Please take these changes into consideration as you and/or your faction plan your next region transfer move.

While the dates and times of the Wave transfer windows are still TBD, we thought it was important for players to understand which regions they will be eligible to transfer to in order to better inform their transfer decisions for the current round of region transfers.

To be clear, the information in this post does not apply to the CURRENT region transfers that are live (post here). This information only applies to the region transfer round that will happen AFTER the current one ends. Date & Time for the NEXT region transfer outlined below is TBD.

For a detailed/visual look at these region transfer updates, go here.

Wave Groups

Once the current transfer window ends (Friday, 10/18 at 5 pm PDT), we will break down each Wave further in preparation for the NEXT round of region transfers. Please check your region below since this will determine your inbound and outbound eligibility in the future.

Important Note about War of Champions - Only factions in Wave 1A will be eligible to qualify for the next War of Champions (currently planned for late January 2020). Reminder: Faction requirements to qualify for the next War of Champions are as follows:

  1. Be in a Wave 1A Region
  2. Have a Top 40 Cumulative Score over the next 6 Wars beginning with the CRW taking place on 10/18

Stay tuned for more details on the next War of Champions.

CRW Change

Following the next round of region transfer, all CRW for regions in Wave 1A will have 8v8. Regions in Wave 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, & 3B will have 6v6. This change is not effective immediately. Please stay tuned for more information on this in the future.

Transfer Wave Windows

Since not all waves are open at the same time, please check this window timeline order to see the order in which your window opens. There are six different windows. Only regions in the Wave that have outbound transfers enabled can transfer to another region within the same Wave.

First Window

  • Wave 3B regions are INBOUND & OUTBOUND enabled
  • Wave 2A, 2B, & 3B regions are INBOUND enabled only

Second Window

  • Wave 3A regions are INBOUND & OUTBOUND enabled
  • Wave 2A & 2B regions are INBOUND enabled only

Third Window

  • Wave 2B regions are INBOUND & OUTBOUND enabled
  • Wave 1A, 2B, & 2A regions are INBOUND enabled only

Fourth Window

  • Wave 2A regions are INBOUND & OUTBOUND enabled
  • Wave 1A & 1B regions are INBOUND enabled only

Fifth Window

  • Wave 1B regions are INBOUND & OUTBOUND enabled
  • Wave 1A regions are INBOUND enabled only

Sixth Window

  • Wave 1A regions are INBOUND & OUTBOUND enabled

Not convoluted at all.


Im the first window you say 3B is inbound and outbound then in the next line say 3B is inbound only. Again in third window the same thing with 2B this time.


We’re is transfers that supppsed to happen tonight?

Was supposed to but can’t since onslaught is on so tough luck for wave 3 they get less time.

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Lolol. I got to ‘few changes’ and then my head promptly exploded


Ya I’m wave 3 and cant do nothing more bs I guess

My head exploded too lol. I’m very confused lol


Now there’s like 6 waves

Build the sea wall!


What the heck did I just read? @Stasha what is this?

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What the fuck is this shit ??

A million museum collections.

A million toons requiring a million diff gear.

A million roadmaps.

A million diff collectibles.

A million different steps for simple things.

And now this !?!? A million diff waves and time frames and hoops to get through??? This is worst than zhus map :fu:


Did the same person who came up with the Typhoons roadmap get assigned this too? Anyone there ever heard of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stup*d) method? Imagine how many boards of Monopoly would not have been sold if you had have a degree to know how to pass Go!.


Jesus H. Christ.


What the hell did I just read? They’re herding the money spenders even more to smaller pools if they want 8v8


I don’t understand why there is no allowance to ever go back to playing casual if you get burnt out, herding everyone into one spot permanently is crappy imo.


Seriously my brain hurts after trying to make sense of all that. Someone should check on whoever wrote this convoluted p.o.s. and make sure they have enough brain cells left to keep their body alive. Like wtf? Let’s just keep complicating the game in ways no one asked for. I honestly feel bad for the p.c., I think they are gonna get a bad amount of backlash because their supposed to be our voice. Obviously scopes doesn’t listen to then anymore than the rest of us. Scopes you just keep amazing my with your lack of intellect and pure denial of player feedback.


Can you guys get anymore moronic? We dont want to just war the ones in our new grouping, that is sooo boring. Why arent you listening to us? Do we need to type in braille? Eat a bag of diseased ducks…seriously choke on them & puke them back up & swallow again. So idiotic…


How about you get this one right before u start this mess

If one wants to transfer, will they still be using a key?
Or must they reach up a unicorns tush and grab a dragons heartstring wrapped in bacon to transfer out??