Region Transfer Video, A Call For Help


I have seen a fair share of discussions on here with people wanting some attention for their region or at the very minimum be able to control where you can take your already established roster. Let me know what you think and if you agree or disagree!


Nice video man! Happy to have helped! Still might make a video of my own but still trying to compile info, and not repeat myself since I’ve already talked about it a bit. Need to head to your region :eyes::eyes:


I really wouldn’t want a bunch of guys coming to my region. Enough problems as it is.


there would certainly need to be restrictions on where people can move. But all regions slowly die and there needs to be a mechanism to revitalize and replenish the player pool as well as give hope to many players in other regions the need it.


I sure need to watch the video.


I think if they were to ever make account transfers a thing then a lot of fucking regions would die


However they go about it some people will end up annoyed and leave. If they merge two regions say into one, would a top faction be happy finishing 2nd from now on? I’d love to know their plans behind it, the Dade merger was a failure


perhaps they can designate which ones they plan to close and then ask those accounts to move to one of several select regions that they want to revitalize. That way people get to choose and then they can close those dead/dying regions


There are a few ways to do this

Imo, Best to have dedicated transfer regions as I’ve previously stated.

New regions established dedicated for transferring. Only 1 region can be selected to transfer in. The home region is recorded and at a future date (30 day cool down) you can transfer back home or to other transfer regions if you so choose.

The down side is this will guarantee current home regions will be less populated as many would quickly choose to transfer.

Alternatively could enable transfer to other regions with limit being only those older than your home region. If you transfer to a region where you are already present, you overwrite the account you have in that region.

Of course merging is still a viable path but does not empower players so it’s always met with some dissatisfaction as some players who want to collect rewards with minimal effort will want to keep doing so but would now have to perform.


Yes I can agree with that in which certain regions would die but also other regions would get life. With this mechanism a region may die but the player and their roster can still live on.


Here is a spit ball idea that maybe can work that scopely should be able to do without issue.

Everyone I assume wants to transfer into other regions so they can compete with new faces essentially right? I assume the main reason is to be able to compete in wars with/agasint new faces right?

So since Scopely refuse to make a whole new region dedicated to certain accounts(veteran players with weapons and roster over a year old) or allow individual transfer of accounts to surf to another region of their choice given obvious certain limitations(again veteran strength compare to noob status).

Then lets have a whole new “TAB” just like we have for events and exspecialy like CRW. I mean cross region war is the closet to having a sorta merge with regions type deal. No you can’t join the faction of another region in CRW with your account in a CRW but what if this same mechanic that is already bulit into the game can go like this.

New TAB called “FACTION POOL” where with this tab you click into it and there is a small drop down tab that you can use to scroll thru different factions in different regions and join them. This can be a permanent tab along with having event chat(maybe call event chat something else or call global chat something else like region chat idk).

What about CRW? Refine it as a player request event. Stop selecting the regions for players that are more times then not lopsided and just awful and the only ones enjoying it is the factions in 1st thru 6th place (mostly 1st). And change CRW into like FACTION WAR where the factions of the new tabs can war with each other while also keeping region war for those regions that still like to play with each other or ditch region war altogether and keep it as FACTION WAR and just adjust the rewards for all rankings and values(cut the bullshit rewards out scopely).

I know this isn’t a complete fix to the game situation but its one that is already implanted in game and seems to be a option to me. Thoughts? @kalishane @CombatDevIl