Region Transfer Update, Was it Needed?

The Region Transfer Update was announced and with it a deadline to transfer to a region you wish to be locked into was also included - but plans for future transfer windows have yet to be published.

When it comes to announcements would you prefer:

  1. More time to make a decision but less information initially
  2. Less time to make a decision but be given full information

Which do you prefer?

  • More Time, Less Info Initially
  • Less Time, More Info Initially

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With regards to transfers, we had to be told more than 10 days before it was going live or there would have been more issues (regardless of the amount of information we would be given) just so people could go to regions they wanted to if they were a habitual region jumper.

Was the region transfer update needed however, do you think it will bring more stability into region and warring?

Was the Region Transfer Update needed?

  • Yes
  • No

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Region Transfers always brings up the topic of region merges, especially when it comes to low population regions which cannot hit triple figures in wars for blitz or AOW.

Do you think there should be enforced region merges?

  • Yes
  • No

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Honestly, they should have never introduced transfers in the first place and just did SMART region merges but once you let the cat out of the bag it’s too late.

Reverting this now after a year is a boneheaded move that makes very little sense. I also highly doubt they are doing this for the players by any stretch of the imagination so I’m scratching my head to figure out the real reason for this change.


There is no way this was done for the players probably maybe more to stop stash reset that some take advantage off.

Merging regions was the way to go then transfer keys after it.

It for sure was not for Scopely income though, as they benefit financially a lot more when transfers are open 24/7 than limited time only. So the rest is down to opinion on the whys and wherefores - if this helps stabilise regions then it is a good idea imo.

yup for sure, low pop regions especially inbound locked ones, should be looked into for merging in the future or enforced transfers.