🔄 Region Transfer Update - May 18


Region Transfer Update

Hello Everyone,

The social and community aspects of Road to Survival are one of the biggest reasons why many players come back day after day. Building relationships with your faction and engaging in cross-faction rivalries make the game fun, exciting and rewarding. Over the past few months we’ve seen a lot of discussion within the community around the amount of player and faction activity on specific realms and concern that it will lead to reduced competition and engagement. We know this is a critical issue for our players.

We have been considering this issue for awhile. In the past, we’ve tried to solve this by stimulating some of our older and lower trafficked realms via merging realms or by opening up older realms to new players. What we found was that these approaches did not work well. Players on merged realms found the experience extremely disruptive, while new players joining old realms were at too severe of a disadvantage.

We’re now working on an approach that we believe will provide a better solution. Currently, players cannot transfer their in-game progress from one realm to another. We’re going to change that by allowing players to transfer their in-game progress from one realm to another, with some limitations to protect newer realms. Whether it’s to seek new competitive challenges, join friends on a different realm, or just to mix things up, our goal to make sure all players are playing on realms that are exciting and provide them with the experience that they want.

We’re working to launch the realm transfer feature this summer. Look for additional details in the coming months.

Kindest regards,

[UPDATE] July 20 - Read here for an update on Region Transfer: Region Transfer Update and Leagues Preview - July 20

Region transfer how long?
New Region McCormick (EN)


You are bae Kalishane


This IS INSANEEEEE, if this works out this will be the single best thing done ever.


Will there be a limit to how many times you can transfer to a region? I hope so


Other games use “realm transfer scrolls” or similar named, and they can be bought via faction points. So i guess it would be faction helper tokens in this case.

Essentially if you want to move regions you’d have to work with a faction long enough to earn the transfer scroll


If a player moves into another region that he has an account in, will his rosters merge with one another? @kalishane @SandySurvivor


Honestly would love to transfer my data to one of those new regions with legendary toons in Elite Characters.


Guys just FYI they said the summer some time and look out for updates. I doubt they will answer most of the questions just yet. Before we all get out pitchforks and torches out after no response for a while.


U right im saving my tokens now lol


I’m speechless…about to cry. Thank you everyone for joining and pushing for this. Special thanks to @kalishane for being our voice to the team.


They’ll likely do it where a new region is not transferrable to until a certain amount of time has passed, example a region is locked for 3 months(probably longer in this game) and no one can transfer in, but they can transfer out to any older region


This is good news. I’m eager to hear more


Not a moment too soon either, glad you’ve actually acted on one of our concerns in a timely (ish) manner for a change


This is the best news about an upcoming feature I’ve ever heard. My region is 2 years old and has been losing active players for a while. I have nothing but love for Scopely for finally tackling the biggest issue.


Kudos to @kalishane and the rest of the team. Thanks for working on at least getting us an update. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s not that an immediate solution needs to be right there, the player base really just wants to understand what’s going on behind the scenes to know that our problems are being addressed.


Can you focus on rolling this feature out correctly and not launch combat mods? Thanks.


Thank you Shane. Thank you scopely. You have saved this game.


From a player in a region with 30 active players this excites me but I am majorly worried about the wording…“with some limitations”. Are you able to outline what such limitations will be? There’s no point doing it if we can’t take our roster and weapons with us.


Definitely. This game’s start is much slower paced than the other game i play with the system i mentioned above.