Region transfer update conspiracy theory

So as we have found out today, starting June 26th, region transfers will be locked and only open during certain windows for a certain amount of time. We only have 12 days to transfer if you want to transfer, i see mass migrations, whales looking for easy food, whales and fish moving away from other whales, etc. Gonna be a :poop: show for sure. Now 2 conspiracy theories here, that is right folks, today you get double the servings, enjoy!

  1. After the mass migrations and everyones bought keys they announce something like “After observing community feedback, we have decided to not lock transfers, thanks for the mone… I mean, keep surviving.”

  2. This is another step to closing the game. People are saying this will make them quit. Zach, Dr. Stevens and Negan couldnt do it, AI couldnt do it, Skullgate couldnt do it, the decline in events and rewards couldnt do it, maybe scoopes is counting on this to push enough people out the door to finally be able to kill rts off. Now i know some will say “but they make so much money, they are building a new office, etc.” But lets face it, the walking dead overall is coming to an end, the comic, the show all being wrapped up. Not as many people into TWD as before, etc. The world had its zombie craze and i have seen a decline on this (dont worry tho, im still obsessed with zombies) Also sometimes the manpower, time, effort, money, etc. Isnt worth the return back. As well as sometimes people and companies just want to move onto something new and they have looney toons and star trek with a young community of ripe people to trick and milk money off of.

Tune in next time folks for another conspiracy theory, dont worry, shouldn’t be long for another mess up :wink:


P.S. For those that will take this serious and get all crazy… :rofl:


Do I get a tin foil hat since I read all of it?


Closing off transfers, see which regions are withering on the vine , nuke them, open transfers back up :smile:


We have only the finest quality tin foil hats here, stronger than Magnetos helmet, no scopely brain hacking device can penetrate these hats!

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If they really wanted to shut down the game, wouldn’t they just do it and get it over with? It’s not like we are actually going to do anything about it if hey choose to close the game with no prior notice


Nah, i wouldnt, I’d milk as much money for X amount of time and troll people as much as can be, kinda like what scopely has been doing for a good while. Jokes and theories aside, i honestly believe they hate us lol and they troll us, just to watch us squirm

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The comic is not wrapping up any time soon. Don’t spread #fakenews


I’m not CNN, no fake news here. Only the finest and most truthful conspiracy theories around here.

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Is that a repost from 2017?

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Another crazy theory. They are letting all their friends and employees move into a dead region so they can lock everyone out and get easy rewards. I’d expect Kook to be there

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If that was the case, I’d think it would be better to just give employees and friends all the toons and max level and max town, etc. And no scopely employees play their own games either. Think JB is the biggest gamer ive seen from them.

Copy and paste? @High_Power must be taking moves from scopely :rofl:

So their lack of communication on this here forum is null while they actually do get input from the “community” about something very major. Sounds legit.

I dont think they really ever take any input on anything, at least it seems that way.

They absolutely don’t. Like when they said the community wanted the 6 stars to be their original powerful self

Sweet, I’ll take one then!

I’d like my hat please

If we’re into these kind of theories, they already have a secret region with no cool down window.

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