Region Transfer Update - Coming July 5th [UPDATED]

To be honest, I don’t think they know what they are doing.


They just want the rts to be the land of whales. Till they can’t stand fighting their own bs teams till they quit or figure out how to spend more money on more op toons just like the others and it ends in a stalemate but they can’t figure that out. They will just keep spending.


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Why not wait until the faction event in missions has ended? You know most wont switch before the deadline. Bad decision to make it so soon should be given a month at least


Hive people time to save coins for keys or give out free ones. Yeah 2 weeks notice to scout and decide as well. Worst thing to do

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recruitment will go downhill and players will be stuck in dead regions again
how is this helping your community player base ? crazy idea Scopley!

Here’s a better idea, the factions who are completely overpowered and have taken first by massive points for the last few months in weaker regions, YOU MOVE THEM to a region they will be better suited for and let your weaker players enjoy the game without getting destroyed.

Its pretry obvious Scopely has never once had a conversation with any of their players ever. Worst developer in the industry


Money matters, not the players.

Great idea nailed it, yeah move them and we will have a reason to become more active👍

This doesnt make sense. The damage is done. U cant fix that by locking everyone in with the factions that did the damage

If you decipher their reasoning behind it, it will boil down to some form of monetary gain, that’s all you need to know.

No they have actually talked with some players I know that for a fact. The problem is the information they gather from those players they take and do the exact opposite of what they were told. We need better rewards they get worse. We need legacies here are more promos. We need Lilliths here are Ulysses. We need more FTP events here are pay road maps. Either they are stupid or intentionally doing the opposite to put this game down like a wounded animal.


They don’t have a clue but people keep throwing fistfuls of cash their way so don’t expect anything to change anytime soon.


You already did the damage. Several factions already suffering from old regions with better characters and weapons and hacker hidden in between letting regions and factions with no hope or even frustrated wanting to leave these game.

The region I am in never had the chance to transfer… I got my husband and my sister playing this game and I am in a region with neither one of them. I would like to transfer out of the region I am in and into one of theirs before any lockdown. I also find it unfair that us “newcomers” got stuck in a region with newbs who join just to chat instead of actually play the game. Some of us actually like the competition we are not getting


I can not make any transfer on the server Bamberg (fr) is this normal?

Yes it’s a newer region so it won’t be opened right now, probably during these transfer periods you will be able to

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this just makes too much sense. why would they do this? lol

Open up Kershaw bruh


Worst idea ever

Can we get an idea of when windows will open and how long. My guys gotta save coins but wanting to move