Region Transfer Update and Leagues Preview - July 20

Now that Summer is upon us, we wanted to update the community on two major new features that will soon be coming to the game. Read on for details!

Region Transfer Update

First, we wanted to provide an update on a feature we announced back in May, Region Transfer. As a reminder, the Region Transfer feature will allow players to move their game progress from one region to another. This is a feature that the community has been very excited about and we’re happy to announce that we’re targeting late August for public release. Here are some key details about Region Transfer in its currently designed state:

What do I need to transfer to a new region?

  • To transfer from your current region to a new region, you will need a Region Transfer Key. Region Transfer Keys are consumable items and can only be used once. Once you use a region transfer key you’ll need to acquire a new key to make another transfer.

How do I obtain a Region Transfer Key?

  • Once the Region Transfer feature is enabled on a specific region, all players in the Region will be given a free, one-time Region Transfer Key. In addition to the free Region Transfer Key (for eligible regions), players will also be able to purchase Keys in the Shop.

Who can transfer?

  • Outbound Region Transfers will be enabled for most regions (newly opened regions may not have access to Outbound Transfers).

Can I transfer to any region I want?

  • While most regions will be accessible, not all regions will be open to new transfers. There will be transfer restrictions placed on certain regions based on the age of the region to help protect newer players and maintain a balanced playing field.

  • You can transfer to a region where you already have a progressed save, but this will completely overwrite that save. Your old save will be non-recoverable once you transfer.

What from my account comes with me when I transfer to a new region?

  • Many elements of your account will transfer to your new region. Characters, weapons, player level, raid reputation, prestige level, town progress and buildings, etc will transfer to your new region. Some elements of your game will not transfer. Factions, for example, will not transfer to a new region. Players will need to recreate their faction once they arrive in their new region. The exact list of what does and does not transfer will be accessible in-game once the feature launches.

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

More information on Region Transfer will be released once we are closer to launch in late August.

New Feature: Leagues

At its core, Road to Survival is a competitive PvP game. Players work incredibly hard to build out strong offensive and defensive teams with the ultimate goal of taking down other challengers for big rewards. But how do your accomplishments and performance compare against others in the global Road to Survival community? Currently, there is no system in the game that ranks and rewards players for their performance across all the various PvP activities and events. That is why, later this year, we’ll be introducing an entirely new competitive ranking system that we’re calling Leagues.

What are Leagues?

Leagues are a new cross-region ranking system that rewards players for their performance in PvP.

There will be two types of leagues that players can participate in:

  • Solo Leagues - tracks and ranks individual players
  • Faction Leagues - tracks and ranks factions

By participating in PvP tournaments, events, and other day-to-day activities, players and factions will earn points, known as “Trophies”, that will go toward their individual and faction league ranking. Trophies can be acquired through participation in the following PvP events:

  • Winning battles in Raids, Wars, and Territories
  • All Out War & Cross-Region War
  • Raid Tournaments (Solo and Faction)
  • Survival Road Tournaments (Solo and Faction)

The better your team and more you win battles and events, the more trophies you and your faction will earn!

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

Leagues and Divisions

In Solo and Faction Leagues, you will be competing against players and factions from all regions.

  • For both league types, we are planning on five leagues, with multiple divisions in each. Every week, you will be competing for great prizes against a small group of players/faction who are in your same league division.
  • For Wars, Raid Tournaments, and Survival Road Tournaments, while you will continue to place on a leaderboard against others in your region, event trophies will be separately awarded based on your performance relative to the smaller group of players/faction who are in your same league division.
  • Within this competitive pool, the players and factions at the end of the week with the most trophies will earn more prizes, and potentially a promotion to a higher division.
  • Those who reach the highest division of a given league have the opportunity to be promoted into a higher league. As you move up divisions and leagues, the prizes are even sweeter!

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

Leagues will be broken up into Seasons which will be multiple weeks long, with exclusive characters and badges as rewards.

  • At the beginning of each season, players will start at the same league they finished the prior season in, and will have the opportunity to qualify for their starting division.
  • As we get closer to release, we will provide more details on the season structure, as well as how players will be able to compete for initial league level placement.

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

League Shops, Rewards and Currencies

In addition to the recognition that comes with making it into the higher ranked league divisions, leagues will also give players a new way to acquire characters, gear, and other items.

With Leagues will come two new currencies that players can use to buy items:

  • League Tokens
  • Season Tokens

Players will use these tokens in the new League and Season Shops.

  • League Tokens are used in the League Shop is where players will be able to purchase gear, weapon parts, and mods using their League Tokens. As you climb to higher leagues, the items available for purchase in the league shop get better.
  • Season Tokens are used in The Season Shop is where players can purchase unique and exclusive ascendable characters, rare 5-star characters, and exclusive weapons, using their Season tokens. The Season Shop is available to all players, regardless of League.

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

In addition to League and Season Token rewards, with Leagues we’re also introducing coin rewards for competitive success! The higher you climb in the rankings, the higher amount of coins you will earn.

Coins, Season Tokens, and League Tokens will be awarded at every league for players, assuming you participate in both solo and faction leagues, so everybody has a chance to earn great prizes over time.

So, to summarize Leagues, you participate in PvP events to earn Trophies (points) that rank you in the Solo and Faction Leagues, which award you currency used to buy new characters, gear, and other items.

We’re very excited to share this update on Leagues with you and look forward to hearing your feedback. Keep in mind, this is only a high-level overview of what’s to come with Leagues. As we get closer to launch we’ll be sharing more details with the community.

*** All features described and the images shown in this post are still in development and are subject to change. ***


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