Region Transfer Update and Leagues Preview Feedback Thread

Please post your feedback to the Region Transfer Update and Leagues Preview Thread here.


Unable to provide feedback since is still a work on progress, but pretty excited and looking forward to get more details :+1:


Will rep transfer?


Leagues sounds good, now I will have motivation to do Raids outside events.

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Before you install all this new stuff, can you update everything that has been forgotten?

  1. 5 star token wheel, add more ascendables

  2. Gear depot, add a slider to purchase multiple items at once, add materials so we can continue getting mod scrap

  3. add more worthwhile toons to faction assault

  4. add ascendables to the Survival road depot

  5. reduce the rate of pop up ads

  6. add ODDS to all boxes, noteable suprise boxes

  7. legacy ascendables twice a month

  8. ascedable UNIQUE war rewards

  9. make Mod Scrap more available

  10. let us reset mods

  11. get rid of the scrap cost to remove mods from toons

————- Added
12) Constant Territory Bugs - Crashing primarily

Im sure i missed a lot, but these need updates before some new feature. The trend is release a new feature and forget about the old. Polish the old stuff


:joy::joy::joy: no chance any of that happens before transfers

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Just as an example… Faction assault has been out for like a year?
We do the highest level assault quite often, and i only have 1 of these… so in 5 more years i’ll have tara, then in 3 more i can t4 her.
Gotta make these things more accessible.


JB, I appreciate communication, thank you.


Sounds good. Looking forward for this.

Thanks for the update but what about people with multiple accounts in different regions


Idc about region transfer or any other additions to the game until these things happen.
Scopely Sort out your game before adding more crap!

For some reason i’m getting the impression that this is only going let one of your accounts be available to move and you cannot switch to region that you already have an account in just by looking at the screenshot

This screenshot makes me think the opposite. “Transferring to a new region will overwrite any existing player data on

that region”


They cant monitise any of the old stuff anymore. There are so many broken things that need fixed before adding more new things.

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Thanks didn’t catch that. I hope you are correct

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What about training grounds progress… will the timer cool down follow me and all toons waiting to be used?


And it also say return next to the transfer button and return means u have a account already in that region @Plagueis

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The example screenshot shows that you can


And territory crashes


Region transfer sound promising, but again failure to do anything about the root cause of why people want to region transfer. The whole prize and tournament structure needs a complete rework. Fighting for Liliths and Ulysses is laughable at what we used to receive as prizes. We used to compete for premium toons in most events.

This will keep some motivated for a few months at best, then it’ll be back to square one for Scopes.