Region Transfer Update 3/15/2019


As previously hinted, some new regions will be allowed to transfer, as Leagues Season 4 is kicking in!

Please find the details below regarding the latest transfers:

Regions to be outbound enabled (10 regions):

  • Allen (TR)
  • Bedford (繁体)
  • Dillon (EN)
  • Fairfield
  • Florence (PT)
  • Kershaw (EN)
  • Lexington (ES)
  • McCormick (EN)
  • Newberry (EN)
  • Williamsburg (RU)

A free transfer key will only be provided to players in the newly outbound enabled regions.

Regions to be inbound enabled (8 regions)

  • Ballard (PT)
  • Cullman (EN)
  • Darlington (EN)
  • DeKalb (EN)
  • Edgefield (EN)
  • Fairfield
  • Greenwood (EN)
  • Orangeburg (ES)

As time goes by and more regions get eligible, we will update this thread with any relevant changes we may apply.



So as McCormick for example is newly outbound eligible, but not inbound…It’s going to kill our region if people can leave and new people can’t come in. I guess I don’t understand the logic in that.


Can you close inbounds for my region? :slight_smile:

You don’t want veteran players and whales transferring and taking over your region… trust me


@GR.Scopely , are the players that will be transferring from the above mentioned new regions given a chance to join the war of champions if their future faction qualify?

No keys for Grady? Most of the top players in this region are leaving making my region the worst in CRW.


If this is supposed to happen when the new season starts. How are we in Fairfield getting new transfers?

Mind you this is actually the same guy. SS taken within seconds of each other. Jake is the profile shown. This guy came out not nowhere.

I expected people to pop up after season end. Not during a region war…

GR, what are the eligibility requirements in these regions for example Marlboro Region was open for outbound but no keys were issued. A friend of mine who has been stuck there could leave and return to Jeff Davis only if he started a new game. If you open the region for outbound why then is a key not issued? I am trying to understand what the requirements for a key are? Would appreciate a response to that I can get it. Thanks, Respectfully Current leader of Clear Faction in Jeff Davis, Shark

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@sharkman - Unless I am missing something Marlboro wasn’t one of the newly outbound enabled regions and therefore no keys has been submitted.

@Waylander - As long as they joined a faction in time for participation in the 3/15/19 CRW and that faction qualified, having transferred from the newly outbound enabled region shouldn’t preclude them from getting into WoC.