Region Transfer on Hold to Distribute Anniversary Rewards (09/19/18)


Greetings Survivors,

Just a quick heads up to inform you we are momentarily pausing Region Transfers, so we can smoothly distribute the Anniversary event rewards.

Region Transfer will be disabled from now, up until tomorrow 12pm PDT approximately.

We will use this time to aggregate accurate player scores and make sure they reflect the final progress achieved throughout the event.

Rewards will then be sent directly to the appropriate region, after the leaderboard results were finalised, and taking into account any transfers that occurred within the period.

After rewards have been distributed to all players, we will be enabling transfers back.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused if you were planning to transfer during this time window.

We want to ensure players receive their Anniversary rewards in a timely fashion, in the appropriate region.



(Yes body a clear sentence)


thanks for notifying :slight_smile:


thanks for telling us scopley your doing the right thing and dodging a lot of shit from the community


I still can’t even see my rank or leaderboard XD


its not about the leaderboard its about the rewards cause you will be able to see your rewards


Where are the rewards anyway lolol. Another mess up?


By 3pm est tomorrow dog chill


not distributed yet! stop just saying they messed up its not funny anymore infact it never was


Umm I never said it was funny. There’s a Catch on everything sooo. They usually mess up on rewards.


they don’t mess everything up tho is the point you blame them right away when its not even suppost to be out yet i even fell bad for scopley at this point


Fight fight fight


Lololol ok. I’ve seen people say worse.


your only fueling the fire


Please send us 2x again lol


I see you everywhere :joy:


Ok whatever you believe ig.


Thanks for the heads up… altho some peeps have transfered before thid lock. I hope they get the rewards.


i hope for scopley they do other wise theres gonna be another war in the main thread