Region transfer not destabilizing BS



Wasn’t there something in one of the announcements about region transfers not completely destabilizing the region? Yeah, outright lie. We now have about 4-6 #1 factions in Lowndes. All other regions have no prayer.


Their egos will get the best of them, Some will migrate out since they all can’t be “#1”.

*New War Poll* Read before voting plz

Lol I want to see your region wars, considering you guys are destroying the shit out of everybody else in our pool. The last time I looked Lowndes had 7 in the top 10.


Yeah that region is just crazy good


Can’t wait until round two. I’m actually happy it was split up after getting spanked by all of Lowndes so much, my red little bottom needs a rest. We are normally top 10 but finished 17th with 8 from that region ahead of us.


Wilkinson sees your scores Lowdens, well done. We call next :slight_smile:


Sorry Soul my bud I know it’s sad that you lost raid rank #1… it does make me sad aswell and also seeing Sparta nr5? Is it wrong in the longrun, tbh no opinion. This is just CRW and not AOW. I believe feedback for this would be better after one so we can speak for certain if it’s dumb or not. Even tho I do believe it’s not as fun as a top 3 being top 10 all of a sudden.


YAS!! Lowdens, let the CRW Super Bowl weekend continue!!

(And, AMAZING job to everybody who fought Wilkinson in Part One. Ya’ll are a bunch of classy beasts & it was a total pleasure to scrap with you!)


Lowndes here. Was a very fun war, bugs aside.


Group Q matchup


Lowndes currently occupies 8 of the top 10


I really don’t care about rank at this point, personal or faction. What I care about is the game being thrown completely off balance by this introduction. Every war is CRW in Lowndes now. It doesn’t take playing one to see that. I appreciate the activity but not at this cost.

This was a desperate attempt to breathe life back into a 3 year old mobile game. It may for a time until the frustration only further kills the game. Were this done in a controlled and monitored manner, it’d likely be fine. This is chaos.


The destabilization is in regards to just the in-region competition. WIth CRW, one region will always be better than another, so destablization wasn’t a new issue with transfers.

At the end of the day, this is what players wanted. Players wanted to spend more money competing other active players, so they got their wish.


Ok from a lower ranked sides perspective…

Lowendes had 1 Sparta…now there’s 5 meaning over another 100 approx. players of killer strength. Forget trying to get into top 100 for rewards, those days are over for 60% of the region. This is not fun, there will be an exodus, it’s already happening.

If you think you’re the king faction in the world, I dare you come to Lowendes. It is the new measuring stick.



People wanted competition so what’s the problem??? Should make for some be fun inter region wars also.

May not be what some factions want to hear but possibly considering moving to a different region.


I fully appreciate competition. This, however, is far too much. Zambo above is a native to Lowndes, as am I and his point is valid and shared.

I would have welcomed 1-2 strong factions but this is ridiculous. It all goes back to my original statement about balance. This is absolutely devoid of balance and is causing at least the natives to leave or quit.


Plenty of medium activity regions begging for more players to come. If you dont like the super facs all coming in, go to a region with not so much activity that needs all the help it can get


This is what happened when they merged regions the first time back in the day and why they were skeptical of doing mergers in the first place. The top dogs were no long the top dogs and middle factions kept on dropping rank. At least the f2p in that region can leave. Nobody wants to be the punching bag for multiple p2w top factions. One is bad enough


This is exactly why scopely didnt go through with region mergers. Give Wilkinson for example. They are super active now that bane and his crew came but in the view of factions that cant compete against them, it made it so there are so many factions leaving wilkison because of them. Soon that region will be dead because factions that used top place 2nd place and lower will now be lucky to place 7th place and lower. Non of us like to be a punching bag so might as well go somewhere else. That’s the whole point of transfers, to go in and out now


F2p factions should be going to low activity regions. Sure there’s prob one really good faction, maybe 2 but there’s good rewards to be had imo.