Region Transfer > lost leagues progress


I just transferred to a new region after 1st leagues seeding event closed and new one had opened. I qualified in platinum league. Before I transferred I could see I was in the platinum seeding qualifier. And my trophy rewards didn’t appear to have been added.

After I transferred I was placed into a bronze league. This doesn’t appear to have happened to anyone else that I know of.

I’ve logged a support ticket with support but this sucks!!


I was #2 and qualified for Diamond level but they only gave me credit for points earned after the transfer. I have put in a ticket too but have 0 faith in them fixing it. Prove me wrong @JB.Scopely


This happened for lots of us, unfortunately.


Me and several others have also lost all raid reputation. I’d advise no one transfers today. Its screwed.
Raids are currently giving me zero rep too.


Still no answer for this? Not a word from in-game support since the “sorry, we’re too busy for this right now” message from over 12 hours ago.


Yes! I lost my leagues progress also! Mybrep stayed though. Please get this fixed @JB.Scopely ! Support are no help, even with proof you were in a higher league before transfers.


I transferred today and I still have everything but my express stash reset on me so that sucked because I had done 30 pulls from it and was gonna maybe try and finish it, but I guess in a way I got lucky because I didn’t lose anything important


Lucky you! :sob::sob::sob: i raided sooo much for my league progress! Now it’s gone!


Yeah I feel ya I would have been pissed if I lost mine I hope support can get it back for u and everyone else who had this problem


Yeah thanks. I have screenshots to prove it, cause we all know what support can be like hahhaa


Yeah support can be slow they seem to care more about the broken refrigerators these days…


Or pancakes :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Ive got ss of my rep issue that have been sent to support and jb a month ago but an easy manual fix of my rep to the correct number still hasnt been done. Hopefully now that more people are experiencing this issue we can all stay on top of this until scopely decides to fix things for us


My rep is fine, just my leagues is all messed up. Which I have screenshots of.


Sorry to hear that Jack. Hope everything else is good in your new region.


So 24 hours passed, and the only response from Scopely was that annoying automated one. I’ll probably quit if they don’t sort it out as no way I’m starting from Bronze.


Ill be the same mate, if they don’t give me a proper response. It’s not good business.


Two in my current faction had the same issue, in both cases they had baby accounts in the region to feel it out and see if they wanted to transfer there. As near as I can tell, when it overwrote the baby account everything transferred over but the seeding of the baby account persisted. Those who transferred over without a baby account kept their seeding. If you are currently considering a transfer to a region where you have a baby account, I would recommend moving the baby account out first or risk getting stuck in the Scopely Support Abyss.


I had a baby account which overrode so that could be it


I quite like it actually. It’s nice