Region transfer limits


Is there a limit to how much ppl can transfer to a region… there should be… rn I’m sick of watching my rep in Autauga falling rapidly by these older factions transferring. I’ve work so hard to build my rep. Now it’s like a waste of time . Too much ppl transfer here already, we don’t need no more plzzz Scopely


Happy no… our top rank players don’t raid for 6 rep. Mostly we raid bots 1 less rank than ourselves and with hershels mostly you get 18 reps to maintain the rank. But you are correct tho… it’s just too much work for some of us with ppl moving in raid ranks double ours its gonna take more time and dedication to get back to the top which is somehow not quite fair to me…it’s like working hard for you’re hard earned money and some crook just snatched it from you.


Wahh, poor you. What did you expect from players who have been playing longer than you. Maybe I should go to that region and let you drop even more. Grab some refills and raid.


Kinda like




Whoo sweet. Come on over baby our top factions gonna tear you down by 25 or by 32. What did I expect?.. for there to be a limit on factions tranfering or didn’t I mentioned that already … anyways feel free to say what u have to say. I’ll check back later. I have a party to attend. Adios


You do know that rep means absolutely nothing in this game don’t you ? There’s no prize or reward for having any amount of rep or your place on the leader board.
It’s a totally irrelevant number.


That is quite obvious. There never was. Reps means nothing to some people while it means a lot to some…




Maybe you could to a smaller region with less competition?


Bound to happen when they let 3 year players transfer to a one year region. Not the best thought out


Maybe I could? What transfer… to compete for reps? Competition is good. just hate that we have to raid twice as hard was my point, i wouldn’t leave my region that we all work so hard to build to where it is now…


Once leagues start rep will be important.


Rep still won’t matter. Leagues awards based on team strength and win or loss


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