Region Transfer Issues - Pls Provide Us With Update Announcement

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Hi guys,

As you are already aware, customers experienced various issues during transfers this wkend.

  1. Some regions in Wave 3 not having the option to transfer at all

  2. Some factions transferring but then losing progress etc

  3. Some customers transferring then not being able to access their account

I know US is waking up in a bit, but would it be possible to at least on the forum make an official announcement outlining the issues from feedback you have heard, that it will be looked into and if customers have any info to pm you guys with further details e.g. account no… region… faction, outline of issue, screen shots or error messages etc?

Think it would help to have that info all to hand already so when US does wake up, you have examples etc to hand to resolve the issue faster?

@GR.Scopely, I see you have said that it’s under investigation, but it’s abit vague, not really visible for all customers to see as it’s hidden in 1 thread and doesn’t outline what is under investigation - There could be additional issues but because there is no announcement thread all relating issues are not going to be picked up, and their isn’t a centralised thread for everyone to comment on.

Announcements like this have been made in the past regarding issues with war or updates where a centralised thread was used for Scopely to update customers on, Cross Region War Update [08/15] instead of updates via various line chats or a post made in the middle of a thread.

If this could be done then that would be much appreciated


Thanks, WakeUp. We’re actively investigating these issues at the moment and will let the community know once we have more information. Appreciate everyone’s patience!



Region Transfer Known Issue: Faction Progress Lost

Can we also have an acknowledgement of the other issues from transfers e.g. Fact that some regions couldn’t transfer at all during the alloted time and some customers after transferring then not being able to access their account please?

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