Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Any updates on this?


Scopley has yet to address how people were able to transfer into an outbound only region.

Tattnall has changed from “low” to “medium” activiity now


The Server Colleton (DE) is not listed.
Which time if user can joined this server (INBOUND)
Please let us know. @JB.Scopely


Hi, I`ve been playing this game since July. I hooked my neighbor into playing. However, we are in other regions. When will it be possible to transfer from DILLON [EN] to CHESTER [EN] ?


We’re pending on 18.1 to go live, along with the revamped faction transfer, to make further edits to the region landscape :slight_smile:


I keep my fingers crossed that this is my region :wink:


I think that York region should be shut down there is 4 paedophiles in the region, and there is people who stand by them it knocks me sick all though I have reported lurk and billy from survivors club and jefflesh from the hellions no one is doing nothing and it is ruining the vibe for so many players please do something about it


Oh and autumn to who stand by pedophiles sides please banned all these players scopely I have sent so many screenshots of this and nothing is being done look into it


So yes people be aware


The internet may not be the place for you, young one.