Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Any updates on this?


Scopley has yet to address how people were able to transfer into an outbound only region.

Tattnall has changed from “low” to “medium” activiity now


The Server Colleton (DE) is not listed.
Which time if user can joined this server (INBOUND)
Please let us know. @JB.Scopely


Hi, I`ve been playing this game since July. I hooked my neighbor into playing. However, we are in other regions. When will it be possible to transfer from DILLON [EN] to CHESTER [EN] ?


We’re pending on 18.1 to go live, along with the revamped faction transfer, to make further edits to the region landscape :slight_smile:


I keep my fingers crossed that this is my region :wink:


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So yes people be aware


The internet may not be the place for you, young one.


@JB.Scopely How does a new player join their friends?

A friend of mine wants to play the game with me. He installed and started the game and was placed in YORK. This is apparently not a region that allows transfer, even OUTBOUND. Why in the world would you guys not allow a new player to choose a region when they start the game?! This can not be the first time a new player started the game SPECIFICALLY to play with their friend(s). Support was no help. I’m hoping you can shed some light on this or tell me how (or WHEN) he will be able to transfer to my region (FRANKLIN).



They can join different regions. Just not with their progress.


No they cant new regions like York your locked in to that region only you cant start in old regions there


I do believe they can message support with what region they would like to start in and be moved. I’ve never tried it, but heard from others they have been successful that way.


I got this from support which told me information I already knew and did not answer my question so I’m trying again. Hopefully they can transfer him or open up York soon to outbound transfers…

You can transfer your progress to another region using transfer key. However, there are regions that are not available for inbound or outbound transfer. Please refer to this link for more information regarding the available regions.

Region Transfer: In/Out Region List

I hope this clarifies your concern if you have additional queries, feel free to inform us. We are here to help.

He would be fine with starting over if he could start in FRANKLIN as he only invested about 2 hours in the game so far. I still can’t believe you don’t have the option at inital game start to choose a region for those that have friends they want to play with. This boggles the mind.


Welcome to RTS were every decision is made purposefully with the intention in fact to boggle the mind of every player. :smirk:

100% Mission Accomplished and damn proud of it.


He needs to message support himself from the account he wants to start new in your region. You can’t do it for him.


I misspoke (mistyped?) HE sent the inquiry to support. I’m just sharing it here because he’s not on the forums and not that tech-savvy. Just hoping @JB.Scopely or someone else here might be able to help us out.

I’ll have him try a new support inquiry and specifically request moving to FRANKLIN region though I’m pretty sure that’s more-or-less what he said and then got the canned response. :frowning:


Make sure he tells them that no options show up when he goes to look for a new region. And this isn’t a question of transferring


Thanks for the suggestion Opie. He tried again but got another “I understand you want to transfer regions” message despite (I read his messages) making it clear that he did NOT want to transfer but rather be assigned to a different region and start over. These people must be overworked or something because they clearly are not reading the entire message. :frowning:

I helped him compose a 3rd message as you suggested (not a transfer, NO REGIONS show up in the settings regions tab) Fingers crossed…