Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Scopes is too busy introducing yet another p2w game into the mix. Sit tight :+1:


Sad face here… just when I thought I was done with Blount.


Quick Update:

Barbour (EN) has been added to the ‘‘Outbound only’’ Regions.


Thank you for adding us :slight_smile:




What about Bedford (Ch)?


If anyone is looking to move into one of the new regions that has opened. Drop me a message and I’ll see if I can help at all. =)


Yesssss! Rock on with it and good luck!!


If you hadn’t been flipping so many accounts to troll other regions you wouldn’t need to ask that :joy:.


Hi flames,

I actually will appreciate any help you could do. I been on this region but it is over two months old. Many players says it is 60+ days. I looking for region that is brand new though as want fresh start been stuck at this region. I even just used my new android phone someone suggest do this and again even though never played the game on it puts me onto the same region as before.

You can help at all with understanding which regions are brand new?.


i think chester and lancaster are the most recent english regions havent seen or heard about anyone new ones opening and there over a month or so old good luck


Hi there sorry, I forgot to check back on here for a while.
I meant the ones that have just opened for transfer. But I think the comment above is most correct with the names of the newest server.
Generally when you load the game it should throw you to the newest regions.
Another good sign is if you go to settings and regions if you cannot see any others it generally means you are locked into a new server. I’ve seen that a few times.


Chester region only has 10 active factions and no other regions in the region listing. Because of this, we only have aow instead of crw lol hopefully we open soon.


Thanks for this report.

We’re attentive to those, and will likely bring further changes early next year.
I will pass on details accordingly and in due time :slight_smile:


Anyone know when Lancaster will be open to transfer out of?


@JB.Scopely - I need to know about Lancaster to - can you let me know if it’s on the list for early next year? and If not can it be please :slight_smile:


Not sure I’d be able to get this information today for you… :santa:

Though we shall follow up early next year and share upcoming plans for region transfers!


No body go to blount region. It’s very hostile and to many people getting at each other’s throats plus alot of hackers to who are using vk cheat service


Hahahahaha. Woah.


Any word on when lancaster is supposed to open for transfers?