Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Refuse to spend 1k to move an alt account. Surely theres a way we can delete alt accounts or safely override them. Majority of ppl make alts to check regions before moving :confused:


JB.Scopley - how is it people are transferring into an “outbound” only region? I keep tabs on my old region to talk to friends and a spanish speaking faction has transferred into this english speaking region. I know the language is not the issue here the fact they could transfer there is.

What is up with this?

Region is Tattnall


Let me try my question again… is there a way to avoid issues when moving your account to a region that you have already been?


I believe we have, or are looking into adding an extra popup warning when you are about to transfer and the system detects an existing account on the targeted Region - I will follow up.


What about my question? How are people transferring into an outbound only region?


This is not the intent, as announced above.

Regions that will be granted Outbound only are younger than those getting both Inbound and Outbound.
Indeed, we do not feel comfortable allowing Inbound to those just yet, to preserve younger players and factions from being invaded, so to speak! :slight_smile:


Tattnall is not a younger region, it just died so many left. Now people are transferring in. How is this possible?


Let Barbour transfer.


Tattnall is not a closed region. Low activity or dead regions are not closed.


I don’t believe I ever said “closed”. I said “outbound” only.


Yeah, I missed that. Sorry.

Good question.


Yes. That has not been done and was said it won’t be until 2019



You are amazing!!!
High fives and a$$ slaps all around!

@RedReaper @LockedUp :two_hearts: thanks for hanging in there with me on this! Best of luck to you in your new homes.


@JB.Scopely me and a few others have been asking about Barbour getting to transfer.


We’ve been around for over a year and a half so not a new region.


Got keys but can’t transfer??? Halp!!!


He said you would get the key before being able to transfer. Just gotta wait a bit.


Just when I thought frustration was over :pensive: silly me.


You’re telling me. My region wasn’t even on the list.


:cry: I’m sorry. Maybe they can add it? @JB.Scopely let him out too! And why won’t the regions open?