Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Maybe in the future don’t use the words technically and official in the same sentence when your info is not correct :sweat_smile:

I think that’s what threw me off




I’ve got my quit date ready just Incase. There are a ton more places that I can spend my time and money. I’m about as frustrated with being stuck as I can handle.




Careful what you wish for… it’s changed all regions, mostly just redistributing the poop.


Redistribution is welcome in some regions… js


I’m very aware. I still want out.


@JB.Scopely will we get news about this soon?




Hahahahaha lord this is such a frustration. Please @JB.Scopely we need communication. You said you would update on this thread and have not done so as of yet…


I agree :sweat: All you can do now is wait it out, sucks that they’re having all these bugs and gates but they will open more regions, that much is certain. Only question is when, hopefully it won’t turn out like everything else on this game- it comes out, but by then it’s too late as customers are fed up and several people who had waited for too long quit since nothing ever comes when promised.


I heard this to be actioned ‘mid week’ which is starting today - I’ll pass on further details upon receiving them :slight_smile:




Open Lexington plzzz


Break these chains of love!!!
Help me out gatekeeper!!!

@JB.Scopely as frustrated as I am with this ongoing carrot I do appreciate what you do.



Is there anyway to know who and if regions will open prior to Friday? Those of us with new homes waiting (and the homes waiting) feel it only be fair to know what to expect with CRW starting Friday.

As a player I’m sure you can understand the importance of having things together for war.


Greetings Survivors!

As announced, we’ll be modifying a few Regions later on today:

New regions will gain access to both Inbound and Outbound Transfers

  • Taliaferro (RU)
  • Monroe (FR)
  • Jeff Davis (EN)
  • Blount (EN)
  • Augusta (ES)
  • Chattooga (EN)

Another group of regions will only gain access to Outbound Transfers

  • Darlington (EN)
  • Greenwood (EN)
  • Cullman (EN)
  • Orangeburg (ES)
  • Edgefield (EN)
  • Ballard (PT)
  • McDuffie (EN)
  • DeKalb (EN)
  • Barbour (EN)


  • Players in all Regions listed above will get 1 Region Transfer Key messaged to them before the Region is made inbound/outbound enabled.

  • We will keep on monitoring how this goes and looking into expanding to new Regions in the near future. As you may recall from our previous explanations given, we want to be very cautious with enabling new Regions, that might deteriorate the player experience, along with damaging the game’s balance as a whole.


A popular issue encountered by players when transferring is to override an existing progression on a given Region one player may want to transfer to.

I want to emphasise to be careful with this, and recommend that when you are about to transfer, to first ensure no existing progression (alt-account) is present on the targeted region, as this may provoke your account to freeze and lock you out the game.

As a reminder, region transfer does not equal to account merging.

Please do travel responsibly :wink:


No offence but isn’t this what you guys have been doing essentially for the past… forever?


Do we still lose our league if we transfer?


Serious question @JB.Scopely - considering most go and actively research a region before moving how do we ensure we don’t have an active mini account there? Seems like another of those issues we can’t do much about and needs resolving at the back end