Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Wish we could merge alt accounts with main accounts :pensive: can’t believe this still isn’t a possibility tbh.


Silly me… I totally forgot planning is a foreign concept for scopely! … please let me explain: for most people, part of strategizing is that they plan ahead. They would plan and test a new toon before releasing them for example so that they can ensure there arent issues with a huge new game rollout. In this case I would like to know, is my current region open to incoming? If so who can join? Can my friends in Barbour or Edgefield come here? Can we go there? What deals could be made? What alliances formed? Without the list of what is opened outbound only, inbound and out, or just left off we all are left stuck unable to fully plan and strategize in this strategy game!!!

This is not strategy is is scrambling and does not allow for true thought or real decisions to take place.

I’m sorry but we dont all run like scopely and enjoy the fly by the seat of your pants model!




I can already tell you there will be no news about transfers until the very last minute. The company doesn’t apply whatsoever to strategy sadly.


Have you not been looking into regions that interest you or figuring out your options? Just cause they don’t plan ahead doesn’t mean you shouldn’t as a just incase so you aren’t putting yourself in that crazy last minute impulsive moment.


@JB.Scopely are the rumors about Monday true? Are you allowed to confirm or deny a direct question without catching any heat from your team?

Will transfers open and keys drop Monday??
Is Blount on the list for transfers??


Where did you hear a rumor about them being Monday?


There are several posts where jb says that it will be at the end of season 1 leagues. Never heard an exact date, but Monday would be the assumption.


I’ve seen what he said. Then again technically the official end to season 1 would be next week since he said there would be another week to get desired characters and weapons (I would hope it would be Monday but who knows).


It’s just a rumor floating around. No facts to back it up. So I figured no harm in asking directly…? But I’ll be a happy clam if it happens!


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@JB.Scopely can you give an update now that season 2 started? I don’t want to start accumulating league trophies until I transfer…?


any info on what regions are opening up for season 2? @JB.Scopely.

Did some already open (at the beginning of S2 as mentioned)? Just wondering because the one I am in did not receive keys


The post said early 2019 so I’m assuming the next update

Region transfer?

This quote below says start of Season 2. Also the Leagues announcement in game says “as Season 2 begins”

@Ckbear The 2019 date I think you are remembering is an estimate for whenever they will allow Factions to keep league standing when transferring.

It’s Not related to the other posts about new regions opening for transfer


Lol the official end of Season 1 is the end of Season 1. It just happened. We are now in Season 2.

We just have an extra week to use tokens (so that tokens awarded at the end of S1 can be used to purchase from the S1 store)

That doesn’t change the official end date of the season…


Sure, but I’m telling people not to expect much of anything. Knowing this company (especially now since season 2 is messed up) it’ll take them weeks to tell us the regions.


That’s for factions to transfer and keep their league standing.


However the official start to season 2 is today… I personally would feel better if there was some sort of communication. Even if that communication isn’t what I would like to hear :woman_shrugging:t2:.

Edited: the post was made prior to today meaning today as Monday.