Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Join the list! So many already have. I really don’t know why I haven’t with so much false hope over it.

@JB.Scopely any update to a new list man?


I’d like to see edgfield open up… should be soon


@JB.Scopely here’s an idea, instead of releasing new features which I bet you all are working on right now, how about opening more regions so others can get out of their dying/dead regions?


It was said on another thread that it’s been brought back to the table for discussion. But any kinda update would be nice.


Yeah I read that. Thing is though, almost everything that was getting discussed again, was really just a way to get more players to stop complaining with false hope, kinda like how they did when they said they were gonna make transfers a few months prior, and you know how that turned out.


Well I’m still waiting… so yeah. :joy:


@JB.Scopely I dare you to prove @RedReaper wrong and make it happen!

It’s worth a shot :woman_shrugging:t2:


Isn’t everyone always just trying to prove him wrong?


we transfered from colquitt (TR) which is a one way region but today someone from our faction went back to there via transfer how is that even possible?

Edit: Contacted the guy who transferred and learnt that he wrote to support that new region is hard for him wanted to go back and support granted his request moved him back to our old deserted dead region.


@JB.Scopely Will transfers be a part of today’s update?


We had that same thing happen with old faction mate from tattnall. Not everyone wants to compete I guess.


@JB.Scopely necesito saber hasta cuando podré salir de la región china bedford? Esa región lleva mucho tiempo siendo activa y su actividad es alta según el juego.









A quick update on this front:

We will review and open up additional Regions by the time Leagues Season 2 is about to start, so we don’t drastically disturb standings until then.

Further details will be communicated on this thread.

Thanks for holding a little while longer :wink:

Open more regions to transfer

Thanks for the update @JB.Scopely! I appreciate you putting this back on the table please don’t forget to break the chains of love and #freeblount :slight_smile:


does happy dance thank you JB <3


So NO Barbour on the list we dead and very pissed off 3 factions and only 1 that fully active why the HELL won’t you let us out it dead and we fed up open it up or let us the hell out of a dead region


There’s a new list?