Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


I’m looking for a new region. Any suggestions?
I’m coming alone. S9, very active and a Casual spender with zero luck with pulls :unamused:
Please PM me.



As I see many requests for specific Regions to be opened up, I just wanted to reiterate that for the time being I have no visibility on upcoming region status to be amended.

We are being cautious with this, and feel strong about preserving the younger regions from being invaded by elder players and factions chasing easier event rewards, for instance.

The goal here being to maintain a healthy game balance and competition among players.

We will still of course maintain this thread, and announce any Region(s) that will see an imminent change of status.

Thank you!


this is understandable, you don’t want big factions “invading” young regions. But here’s the Flip Side to that. Every region, even young ones, is going to have a small number of players who spend (whales, big or small) and who want to play with people who play the game at a higher level. So I ask you, would opening young regions up for Outbound Only transfers, hurt those younger regions?


This is extremely disappointing! After months and months of waiting & what your really saying is u want me wait another 6-8 months or longer or to start a whole new game which sounds like your forcing me to do just to be able to play where I want just to avoid whales coming in? Cause i dont know if you seen territories lately but since trophies no one can keep it long & whales are everywhere no matter where u are & more keep coming everyday I transfered from Dade to get away from whales to Colbert where its just as bad if not worse. So quit feeding us excuses about regions being to young.After a bunch of people complained Bullock was not allowed for transfers than scopely opened it up along with three others ??? Its getting very tiresome of waiting on something that not gonna happen


All due respect but this is b.s. my 3 year old region was highly competitive and had a great community feel to it. We had a low number of spenders and they weren’t all centralized to one faction. Since transfers we have been invaded by new players who are huge spenders. Over 90 new players that are high prestige 12 or 13, now dont walk in and say your looking out for young regions when the exact same thing can happen in any region. Transfer has messed up rts in a big way. Spenders looking to exploit regions that dont spend is the name of the game now like it or not and scopely is loving it because it’s a merry go round of people transferring either to escape the huge spending factions or huge spending factions looking to exploit a easy win.


I do strongly acknowledge this use case indeed, and have recommended the team to do so.

I think the focus is currently on deploying the upcoming update along with Faction Onslaught, before resuming any other amendment regarding regions.


And this just leads to another problem the community and players have been complaining about for years. Scopelys uncanny ability to release new features before fixing old broken ones. Territories have been a bug ridden wasteland since it was introduced, problems after problems and when a problem is solved new problems arise. Our region is down to about 4 or 5 active territories now and the rest have just been left to walkers for days and in some cases weeks but has there been any statement for scopely on that? None that I have seen and I apologize if I missed one. The fact of the matter is fix the broken shit before focusing on new content otherwise the entire game will look like territories to now.
Players are at a breaking point it feels to me. The merry go round of transfers, broken territories, the beta glitch from the last war where no one was compensated even though it lost not only beta players but regular users placement on leaderboards, the lack of gear to t3 and t4 6*s, it goes on and on. Scopely has always been about the money grab but lately it’s gone from bad to worse.


My region (Barbour) has been around for more than a year and a half and yet we can’t even leave the region.


I’m going to give Scopely a pass on this one. It’s not their fault this time. Players had been asking for this feature for quite some time and @Dash and crew had warned us why this wouldn’t be a good idea from what they saw of the initial region merge. We were just too stubborn to listen. This mess isn’t on them. This is all on player greed and insecurity…


& we can’t wait to find out whats wrong with Faction Onslaught


I’ll agree with you on that point but transfer should ha e been limited to regions with say 5 or less active factions and also involved a fee that increases each time you transfer. Back in dashes day transfer was out of necessity for dead/dying regions not healthy ones.


How about like war… every time you hop, it costs more. Maybe not as steeply as war repairs (x2) but enough to keep TWD from turning into BASEketball.


So what I’m hearing is the regions that have not been opened as of yet are not foreseen to become open in the near future for those regions protections due to age.

Then why are we matching with all the regions who have been open to transfer in CRW? I mean if you are going to “protect us” then it should be all around right?

We are not protected from competing with open regions in league seeding. I’m confident we will not be protected from competing with them in this onslaught.

What are you protecting us from exactly? Cause I’m not finding many places we don’t already play in the same playground as those open?

What I’m seeing is a pretty poor excuse for whatever the real deal is.

#freemefromblount please.



Onslaught is out. Can you please present and work on another transfer list now. I would like to enjoy the game again.




updated with poor pixelation


And what do the highlightings mean? Blount is reported as high but I’ll say this many accounts are “retired” status. Still collecting prestige tiresomely waiting for a key.


the data comes from the scopely region selection menu.
it’s their definition … but likely corresponds to more than just population as it goes up and down throughout the week for some cusp regions.


Thank you.


Man still waiting to get into jeff davis im pretty close to quiting this game its becoming irritable