Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Haha I take it no to Coosa


When will jeff davis (EN) be open been waiting awhile to join my brother


Any news on other regions being opened to transfers? Specifically, Barbour?


When did it open as a region?
Odds are you’ll have to wait about a year from then


It opened well over a year ago. Closer to 1.5 years now and completely dead.


Kinda sad how my whole region was relying on this transfer and we don’t even get to leave.


honestly man, be glad your region wasn’t selected. For the most part this has been a mess and has ruined the community aspect of what regions used to be. Now it’s hop, hop, hop from one region to another.


Eh I’d rather be able to leave my region at the click of a button than be limited to that region only.


Yeah I used to think like you did…


I think transfers have made the game much better I know for myself especially I’m glad to be out of my region thank you Scopes and @RedReaper I hope they open ur region I feel they should all be open it’s not fair some can and some can’t


Open edge for incoming… thx


It’s fun playing people from new regions, all OP characters with beginner weapons.
It’s adorable.


Misread what u wrote, but yes I can see it being kinda weird all the new op toons with basic weapons lol


Took it personally here :sweat_smile:


if only we could convince the powers that be to tweak the crit success rates.


Do you know when chatooga will open for transfer?


@JB.Scopely any chance u could tell me when edgefield might open?



Yes please all of the above. Will there be another key drop and list?? If so when? Please unlock us!


Been almost 2 months and a lot of the regions still have yet to be opened. @JB.Scopely can we get an answer regarding this?


Any word on When or if Chattooga will be open? I read on faction board from someone elses comment its supposed to be this month. After being ignored by scopely for months regarding this i have asked 3 or 4 times. can anyone tell me if chattooga will be open for in/outbound?