Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Any update on when this will be fixed?




Did you use join instead of transfer?


No (seven characters)


Will Jeff Davis be opened ??


Is there an ongoing list of regions that should be avoided for transfers?


TALLYWORLD(Talbot) is waiting for YOU!


Just curious about Jeff Davis and Cullman. I have teams I want to transfer out of these 2 regions.


Will edgefield ever be open? I cant play with anyone I’ve been since to beginning so I’d like to join the few people I’ve gotten to play this game over there. If not, I’m done. Been getting crap from pulls, essentially cant move up since I dont spend a grand on crates and other crap, and now this stupid cake thing during this purge of regions? I dont get it…


So, what’s your plans with regions? The ones listed are only small fractions of the ones that are still there.


Hello, are there any Polish regions for transfer?


Dlaczego nie są dostępne?


Ok, so watching transfers in a few regions…it might have been a better idea to greatly decrease the number of regions that accepted incoming. Other than those regions that were closing, it looks close to a wash on the in/out regions.
Ppl wanted more competition…hard to achieve with ultimately the same numbers of active factions.
But wait, “We want more competition, but don’t want to lose our ranking!”
Doesn’t really work that way, for true competition, there has to be many more factions of the same level in your region.
So far all I’m seeing is SSDD, but with new names :confused:


Any word on Barbour yet? Dead region. We need help.


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Barbour near or is over a year old now. we down to 5 factions that are active. YET not on the lis for any transfer not even to leave. So stuck in a dead region frustrated. It Not even open to just get new players in. Contacted support don’t get any useful reply on what they plan for Barbour most the region just quit the game many more close to following suit.




@Tempus moved from Coosa yet?


When I took a couple month break ages ago. :joy::joy: came back and wasn’t going back to that hell hole. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re all gonna die