Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


I wanted to know if there would be more regions that would be opened up over time. Mine isn’t on any list.


If you transfer before solo rewards are sent, do you miss out on them? I’m trying to schedule a transfer but all week we have overlapping solo events and i was going to move before CRW but rewards in my region usually come 5-10 minutes before the next event so that might be tight with trying to transfer before CRW.


Any word on when the rest of the regions are going to be unlocked for outbound transfers? @JB.Scopely


Banks is open! Come in everyone!


ETA @JB.Scopely?


The remaining regions should be switched on later today! :yum:


Thank you @JB.Scopely!!


Any word on if Barbour will be opening for inbound, outbound, or both?


#FreeBarbour #FreeRedReaper


German region “Clarke” is unlock now :blush:


Was able to successfully transfer two of my accounts yesterday and today. Thanks for everything on this @JB.Scopely


Did you come to Banks?


Is kershaw region going to be open for transfer? I couldn’t find it on any of the lists


unfortunately I did not :confused:


I’m ready to leave Jeff Davis… :joy::joy::joy:


Anyone planning to come over to Rockdale? Ser Versta looking for a couple competitive players. Rank 7 faction


cant. transfers are closed right now. panic in dead regions like the one im stuck in.


Ok. I know some Regions are not doing too well. Maybe some should have been merged as well.


I’m on LINE app also


I lost my account. It has been reset. I am on lvl 2 now.
Please advice.