Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


Was able to transfer one of my accounts an hour ago. Waiting for the other to open to transfer now


Might be a batch about to open in a second. If you are logged in game get out & wait 1 minute & go back in & hopefully it shows up.


So, no updates today, my region is still locked from leaving, wtf


What region?


I’m in Dade


Maybe a new batch tomorrow. May have eased up with the bug fix


Yeah, just more waiting


@The_banshee did your region get unlocked for outbound yet


Yea I moved yesterday.


Hart was unlocked this afternoon and it was not on the list


So I’m on the f u plan


Cool, I’ll wait, just not spending anything until I’m free


Any plans on putting Barbour on the list? A lot of us have been waiting and getting excited for what feels like nothing now.


You’re not alone.
There’s not a single german region opend yet.
I hope it won’t take too long. There’s a faction wating in my “new home”.


When is the exit possible for peach?


ALL regions should allow outbound at minimum. Let the new guys out, i understand protecting younger regions in but why not allow outbound…makes zero sense


Last batch to be released today? @JB.Scopely


You know we keep the best for the end… :blush:

I should hear back later today on this, but having fixed the ‘‘error content 2’’ by now, I’m very hopeful for it to happen yes.

I’ll confirm and post the schedule when it becomes available.


Is this the complete end of transfers? Last regions?


Since according to my calculations there are only 36 regions left, I really hope that this is the last patch.

In the last patch were 52 regions.