Region Transfer: In/Out Region List


With transfers breaking accounts … More won’t be happening anytime soon. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I need to quit already, I’m not very smart.


Son of a cracker… Really?


At this point i’m willing to take that risk. If my account gets broken, I figure the game would honestly be doing me a favor…

Nothing to confirm that, but it looks to be the case as every region that has been unlocked for outbound so far have all been low/medium activity regions


look more at Tuscaloosa (DE) plzz @JB.Scopely


We have to believe that these transfers are going to improve the gameplay for the many! Even just a handful that cant take inbound transfers is going to crop off the inactivity that they are faced with. Scopely is doing by their best to funnel the activity into fewer regions and increase the capacity to compete!




Call us lucky if we can move before crw


I think it all finishes today…as far as all regions being opened up.


Butler is still locked. The day is still young however


Jb is gone for the day


yesterdays last batch finished at 5pm EST. So we shall see


Yeah we shall see I forgot about the late list


Have any regions been released today?


Nothing yet, but the slow down is on!


@JB.Scopely Please tell me why glascock is not enabled for outgoing transfer?


The sitting and waiting is killing me. Every 10 minutes, checking


Why is rockdale still locked?


Cmon scopely this is ridiculous… I want out already, y’all killin me takin forever to unlock these regions. This sucks worse than cancelling war because of territory glitch and then puttin on a territory tourney.


List provided seems incomplete. Long (EN) has opened for transfers, and i don’t see it in any of the date/time breakdown groups shown above.


There was a pinned thread at one point but mysterious disappeared.