Region Transfer for New Regions



Many of the new regions are really struggling with being very top heavy with few active factions, toxic environments, etc. Right now many new players are quitting because it takes forever to fill for war, then they wait forever to match, then get a top faction that is too strong since the top ones are all that consistently sign up for war. This turns into a cycle. What fun is it to war just to wait wait wait and then only get 100pnts?!.. they give up. Then it becomes even more top heavy.

The vets who started new accounts in these regions have gone back to their old accounts since they can now transfer leaving even less activity.

Why not give a chance for the new players, the vets who love their new facs or new rosters, and all those in between the opportunity to move where they can have more activity and equal levels of all so that it is enjoyable?

I understand not wanting niave players swapping to old regions and becoming discouraged (though they already are) and I get not wanting whales moving to dominate… but why not at least open them to transfer between themselves? Once old enough (9 months or a year) then open to other regions. But at least provide an option within the new ones while they grow?

The benefits for the players are obvious but this would also benifit scopely! This would mean less discouraged players. We all know most dont start spending until a few months into playing. Rather than the vicious cycle of screw it…why not keep them entertained but see what the top and spending can do? This would mean more revenue for scopely. Also since sooooo many regions were opened up all at once but many have quit, vets have gone back to their transferable accounts, etc… you currently are wasting resources on extra servers you unnecessarily maintain. I’m sure you would quickly find that 6 regions would become 2.

Something has to be done or the cost vs revenue on these new regions will become negative and the word of mouth marketing will dwindle.

Please consider giving some form of option to these locked regions!!!


The ability to transfer between New regions such as dekalb abbieville etc isn’t a bad idea,right now our region is half dead even though we are 9 months old,6-7 competitive factions at most


If your struggling against the top factions in your region, what makes you think going to a 3 month older region would do for you? All that would happen is the more powerful teams from the older region would transfer to the newer region.



  1. Did you read? It said let new regions transfer amongst themselves.
  2. The issue is not just competitive… it is a level of overly top heavy discouraging new players (which I’m not).

The idea is that scopely screwed up and created too many new regions just before releasing transfers. Now regions that are new and should be excited and alive are half dead.


I was talking about new regions. They open a few months apart. Why would anyone go to an older one even if it’s a a month or two older. Everyone would be looking to go to the younger one which wouldn’t be fair to the players inthat region. For example,

Dillon (one month older) and Kershaw (newest open), why would Kershaw players go to Dillon? Dillon is stronger. And yes, a month or two makes a big difference in a new region.

It’s definately a shitty problem they have because of six stars. The balance in new regions is outrageous. Your scenario will happen in any region about war because f2p cannot get six stars and P2P or players who happen to start fast and win some rewards in top factions will get the six stars. New regions are a disaster. Can’t believe they haven’t seen this trend.


I’m talking the regions they opened all at once… dekalb, mcduffie, abbeville… all at 5-7 months old. Shit throw in edgefield at 8 months… they opened sooooooo many all at once. It has been an issue since I started. Top heavy happens. The issue here is the drastic level of top heavy, the lack of new players active, and with transfers not the increased lack of top heavy players at least creating 3-4 competitive factions.


I’m in Newberry with a 2nd account. All the new regions have top heavy factions. It was mostly caused by old bored players joining to start over, or kill time till transfers (like me). In the couple CRWs I did there, all the new regions are the same. Transferring between them won’t solve the top heavy issue.


Most new people don’t grind it out blame it on others I guess. I started in Newberry 1st day it opened took me about month n half to hit s2 right now I’m s4+ guess how much I spent $20 or so just to get Lori during museum event


If your new you want a region you will prize every event come to Marion that’s were my main is


It would be nice to have an option. And no I am not new. I am part of that top heavy problem. Never spent until I moved to this region (well I did on cans and ygl but not toons). My whole theory is if you consolidate the top heavy new regions then they will have the top heavy still but there will be enough mid and low level players who can compete with eachother. Right now with war matches the way they are, it is discouraging. They wait to match just to be met with the whales bc others dont sign up. It becomes a vicious cycle. If you get enough of the resilient in one region though people will be able to match at their level.


@JB.Scopely can you provide any information as to when or what the requirements are for a region to open? It does make a big difference for long term planning. This week I have had 6 different people ask to join my current region, many want to leave, and as lead I have nothing to offer as far as planning, timing, or strategy in this regard… some inclination as to the time frame we are looking at would be most appreciated


I’m in dekalb (current number 1 fac) and this is a problem.

Our region is uncompetitive so ppl are getting bored and retiring , and not just in the lower facs but quite a few in the Top heavy facs as well. The rewards are ok at the top but what is the point if there is no competition and no real use for what you are winning.

Tbh I don’t care if the region gets flooded as I would enjoy the challenge but I can understand why it’s generally considered negative.

It would be aces if the region’s in our age range (6 to 12 months) were allowed to transfer between each other, or have them all outgoing with only a couple incoming - i agree with panic, we would probably end up in one or two region’s rather than 6.

It would completely reinvigorate the game for me, even with all the headaches that would come with it :blush:


Agree 110%


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