Region transfer faq

So I went to options and there’s region transfer. Doesn’t say anything about needing a key. But it tells me the region’s population high or low. Thinking of moving to low region will my 40k I’ve cream move with me or will I have to start over. Also it says to start new game @jbscopely I won’t be reset if I press it will I?

Transfers are currently not active.
You will need a key and be restricted to where you can move too.

The option you currently have is to created a new profile on another region.
Your progress will be saved in this currently region and you are able to switch between them.
This is not transfer.

Hi. Uhm. Thanks.

If you start a new game and then transfer there when the window opens it will over-write your progress there. Be careful between clicking join and transfer.

When will region transfer open for lewis