Region transfer-Cullman

I play in the cullman region for about a year now. I was wondering if or when this region will be open for inbound transfers?

Is it old or new? Is it open for outbound?

Definitely open to outbound as a bunch of players already transferred out. I am not sure how old the region is. More than a year old for sure.

If it’s just over a year old, meaning it’s young, you don’t want inbound allowed and have large groups of 3 year players moving in. If it’s an old region then they allowed outbound only because it was deemed a low activity “dead” region.
The easiest solution for you is to look at moving out yourself

I appreciate the input. Thanks!

One more question lol…is there a way for me to find out how old my region is?

Not really no, other than asking in global chat if anyone has been around since the beginning

You can guess by:

Find some dead and very low reputation factions and check member’s join date.

Check the daily SR leaderboards , Pariah has close to 400 if not past that . So it’s at least that old
I started Jan 3rd there and there were already factions with higher reps etc so before that , FYI I’m not expecting transfers in for a few months yet at least .

And like Bane said you really don’t want inbounds that quickly , they probably won’t come solo (so no new recruits) they’ll come as a faction .

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